Westward Expansion minidbq native Americans

Directions (write out responses to these questions…)

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W38 #2 Westward Expansion miniDBQ Native Americans

Directions (write out responses to these questions…)
1. Carefully read the question. What thinking skills are you being asked to use What main topics will you need to address
2. Consider what you already know about this topic. Brainstorm how you would answer the question if you had no documents to examine.
3. From your reading, what primary documents or secondary sources might you want to cite to provide evidence for your argument Come up with at least 3 ideas.

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4. Now carefully read each document on the next pages, underlining key phrases and words that address the document-based question. You may wish to use the margin to make brief notes. Consider the helpful comprehension questions that accompany each document (you won’t have these on the exam. Do a brief HIPPO analysis for each document. You will only need to use 1 aspect of HIPP for each doc in your DBQ.
HIPPO is very similar to other Document evaluation methods we have already used. Refer to the bottom of
the document pages for the parts of HIPPO.
5. Revisit your original argument now that you’ve analyzed the documents. Revise if necessary, remembering that you should use ALL the documents, PLUS outside information not included in the docs. Make sure you have at least two or three strong pieces of evidence that are NOT from the documents. On the basis of your own knowledge and the information found in the documents, formulate a thesis statement that directly answers the question.
6. Organize supportive and relevant information into an essay outline, noting where you’d use each document and what HIPPO tool you would include as you use each document. Also note outside info that you will use. Here is an example of an essay outline.
Intro Paragraph (lets say the essay is about the toughest decisions in school administration. You have
decided, with the help of the docs, to write about weather closings, graduation requirements, and school
• Contextual info setting up your thesis and argument
• Thesis statement Your answer to the prompt, including a road map of the main points you will make.
• Note Do not refer to any docs in your thesis or intro

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