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School of Communication Telecommunications Law & Policy (Com. 5410)

Legal Brief Project


The following is a simulation exercise. Let us assume that you're part of the law firm of Estes, Estes and Gershon. As one of my associates, I need to find out the "particulars" on a number of cases cited below.
Write a ten - twelve page brief (double spaced). Please follow the formula used in class:
1. Problem Defined

2. Case Description

3. Outcome

4. Significance

The brief should be typed and double spaced. Triple space between sections. The name of the case

should include a cover page. Please see last page for example of cover format. Please list legal citations at the very end. After completing the brief, please make one photocopy.

Please use the original court opinion(s) to support of your brief.
Please use compendiums within the library and/or photocopy the portions applicable to your case. Remember there will be other students also needing access. Most of the assigned cases be found

on-line at OYEZ http://www.oyez.org/oyez/frontpage

or FindLaw.com http://findlaw.com/ which provides an electronic guide to all Supreme Court and Federal Appeals Court decisions as well as U.S. Law review articles.
In addition, the following are a few of the more notable compendiums that provide general background on the cases listed below.
Law of Mass Communication -- Teeter & Loving

Law of Public Communication -- Middleton & Lee

Mass Media Law -- Pember & Calvert

The First Amendment -- Carter, Franklin and Wright

Please use proper legal citations and running endnotes as part of your paper.

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