Western Civilization Ms Hildreth Documented Essay, 2006

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Western Civilization

Ms Hildreth

Documented Essay, 2006


  1. Topic. In a well-developed five paragraph documented essay analyze the rolls/functions of the Berlin Wall during the Cold War.


2. General Instructions

    1. Introduction. Write one paragraph introducing your topic and ending with your thesis statement.

    2. Write one body paragraph explaining the first part of your thesis.

    3. Write a second body paragraph explaining the second part of your thesis.

    4. Write a third body paragraph explaining the third part of your thesis.

    5. Conclusion. Write one paragraph summarizing your arguments (facts, reasons, examples). Your final sentence should reflect on the lasting impact of your topic.

    6. The end result of the above should be a well developed and organized five paragraph documented essay.


3. Format

  1. For all format issues, use the MLA format learned in your research class. For a sample essay see Write In Style, pages 52-61.

  2. The essay must be typed, five paragraphs, double spaced, pages numbered, 12 – point font, Times New Roman, and one inch margins all around. Use Write In Style, page 41, as a reference.

  3. The essay must have a title page. For an example of a title page see page 40 of Write In Style. Information other than the title must not be repeated on the first page.

  4. All essays must contain internal citations in every body paragraph. Each body paragraph should contain at least two citations from different sources. Direct quotes (short and/or long – over three lines) as well as paraphrasing should be used. Use Write In Style, pages 34-37, as a resource.

  5. All essays must include a works cited page. This page should be properly formatted using the format learned in the research class. This includes sources alphabetically listed by author (title if no author is given) with hanging indents for information past the first line of the citation. Essays should contain a minimum of four sources from your approved list. Use Write In Style, pages 43 - 44, as a resource.

  6. You are expected to use past tense in a history paper wherever appropriate.

4.  The Steps

    1. Thursday, March 9. The project will be introduced and topic assigned.

    2. Thursday, March 16. The working bibliography is due along with some research complete and preliminary decisions made.

    3. Tuesday, March 21. A rough draft of your introductory paragraph concluding with your thesis statement is due on this day.

    4. Tuesday, April 4. Research note cards are due. A minimum of twenty research cards is required. Five minimum for each part of thesis and five with general information on your topic. Use Writing In Style, pages 18-19, as a resource.

    5. Monday, April 10. The planning outline is due. Students must include internal citations. Use Writing In Style, pages 22-25, as a resource.

    6. Monday, April 24. A rough draft of your essay that meets all of your requirements is due.

    7. Final copy due – Monday, May 1.


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