Western Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme (wa ndis) Operational Policy Eligibility Keywords

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Western Australian National Disability Insurance Scheme (WA NDIS) Operational Policy


  1. Keywords

Eligibility, eligibility criteria, participation, National Disability Insurance Scheme, assessment, disability requirements, early intervention, impairments.
  1. Policy statement

This operational policy outlines the criteria for eligibility for WA NDIS.
  1. Introduction

WA has committed to align eligibility in WA NDIS with the eligibility criteria for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. This Operational Policy outlines eligibility for participation in the WA NDIS trial, as determined by the Disability Services Act 1993, s26H.

A person is eligible for WA NDIS if each of the following criteria is met:

(a) age requirements;

(b) residence requirements; and,

(c) either disability requirements OR early intervention requirements.

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