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For West Chester University

Student Organizations

Compiled by:

Student Program Activity Review Committee

Updated June 2014



The Program Planning Guide (PPG), written by the Student Program Activity Review Committee (SPARC), is offered to provide information to recognized student organizations at West Chester University about policies, procedures, and resources. This complement to The Ram’s Eye View should help you plan and implement programming for your organization. This guide is not designed to provide all of the answers to all of your questions and we encourage you to use your advisor, and the resources available to you through the offices of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Student Leadership & Involvement, Sykes Student Union, Student Activities, and Campus Recreation at West Chester University.

The Student Program Activity Review Committee is comprised of campus administrators from Sykes Union, Space Management, Athletics, Campus Recreation, Student Leadership and Involvement, Student Activities, Fraternity and Sorority Life, Residence Life, Venue Management, and Public Safety. SPARC meets at least once a month to discuss student programming calendars and make policy recommendations. Because SPARC is reviewing every student organization special event, SPARC reserves the right to refuse any student organization’s request for sponsoring a special event, if it is in conflict with another campus event, is not adequately supported by Public Safety, is deemed potentially unsafe, or other unforeseen reasons. The University reserves the right to restrict attendance during any campus event if a question of safety or the welfare of the University community is in question.
All student groups are required to begin their reservation process for any space on campus through 25Live. Submitting a reservation request does not guarantee that request has been confirmed.
Before you submit a request on 25Live, you are acknowledging you have read this document in its entirety and you understand the policies and steps outlined in the document. If you have any questions about the document, we encourage you to reach out to one of the offices below.
Office of Student Leadership & Involvement 610-436-2117

Sykes Student Union 610-436-2984

Sykes Union Reservations 610-436-2984
We look forward to being a part of your event planning process.


Developing a Program: The First Steps




Understanding University Policy




Target Population


Committee Help/Delegation


Using 25Live: Selecting a Date, Time and Location


Tips and Tricks




Assigning of Space


Event Cancellation


Event Logistics: Organizing the Details of Your Event




Collecting Money




Marketing and Advertising


Audio/Visual or Technology Needs




Support Services


Advisor Consultation


Program Evaluation


Public Safety/Security


Severe Weather


Facility Specific Policies and Procedures


Candles and Open Flames








Event Types: Policies and Considerations for the Type of Event You are Hosting


Event Classifications


Standard Meeting


Special Event


5Ks or Races


Concert/DJ/Amplified Sound


Outdoor Events










University Offices: Where to Go with Questions




GOALS/MISSION - Goal setting is a crucial and important step in creating a truly successful program. Before the organization can begin programming or planning events, the organization’s goals, objectives, and mission statement must be clear. Once they are established, you should consider the following when designing your program:

  • How will a program further your organization towards fulfilling its organizational goals?

  • What should the audience gain by attending your program?

  • How will your program enhance your organizational member’s personal and professional development?

UNDERSTANDING OF UNIVERSITY POLICY - West Chester University has many policies and procedures that cover a wide variety of areas. These policies and procedures are designed to ensure safety, quality of campus life, and the effective operation of the University and its community. Read the Ram’s Eye View and check out the University website and the reservation request for the University Polices. Some of the policies and procedures are highlighted in the Program Planning Guide.
BUDGET - Money may be a scarce resource, but this does not in any way inhibit your creativity to plan a successful program. There are several sources of available funding for programming:

  • Your organization’s Student Services, Inc. account

  • Student Government auxiliary funding

  • Co-sponsorship with other student organizations and/or University academic departments

  • Outside sponsorship from community businesses (with appropriate approval from the University Development Office)

  • Other student affairs offices and departments.

  • Grants from local, state, and national organizations

  • Organization/club dues

  • Fundraising

  • Admission Fees

If you are interested in receiving funding from Student Government Auxiliary Fund, please review:

The development of a program budget will help to ensure that your program does not lose money. Know what you have to spend before you spend it and always set aside a reserve in case of an emergency.

TARGET POPULATION - Before planning an event ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your specific audience?

  • Is your group showing courtesy and respect toward all special interest groups on campus that might be affected, both scheduling and content-wise, access by your organization’s event?

COMMITTEE HELP/DELEGATION - The most important aspect of organizing a successful program is mastering the art of delegation. The creation of a committee structure can go a long way in helping you stay focused on the event. Don’t get bogged down in the minute aspects of putting together a program; keep yourself open for the more important things. Be sure that when you get your committee together, you assign specific tasks to them and do not forget to assign deadlines. This will greatly help you as you monitor their progress. Check on your committee members from time to time. This will keep them on course, but also allow them some autonomy to accomplish their tasks.



Once you have answered all of the above questions for your program, the next step is to select a date, a time, and a location. It’s important to always remember that your date and time will have to be dependent on space availability!

Remember, you do not have a program until you have a confirmed space from 25Live. Never submit a contract or move forward with planning for an entertainer, entertainment group, a speaker, etc., until you have a confirmed space for your program.
Space is very limited on campus and reserves quickly. To host your perfect event, you may have to be flexible on your preferred space and/or time.
Check with the campus calendar at 25Live.collegenet.com/wcupa. When planning an event, it is important to have alternate dates in mind. Do not forget to take into account the set up and take down time you need when looking at space availability. Time is an inclusive term signifying initial entry and final departure.
Complete 25Live Instructions can be found here: http://upk.wcupa.edu/upk/wcu/25Live/25Live/HTMLPages/index.html

or by calling the Sykes Information Desk at 610-436-2984

All reservation requests must be made online at 25live.collegenet.com/wcupa

You must sign in to request space for your event.

Tips & Tricks:

  • All reservation requests must be made online at 25live.collegenet.com/wcupa

  • You may sign in on the top right hand side of the screen using your network username (do not put @wcupa.edu at the end) and your network password.

  • You must sign in to request space for your event.

  • After you sign in, you’ll be on the “home” tab.

  • You are encouraged to use the search “Find Available Locations” in the middle of your home page. Click “I know when my event should be, help me find a location” OR I know what location I’d like, help me find a space”

  • Once you have a location, you can click on the space and it will take you right to the event wizard with the location and time already selected for you.

  • Always specify the set up you need for your event at the time you’re requesting

  • Upon saving your event request, ALWAYS select “Student Club/Org Event” on the final save screen. If you select “I don’t know” your request may not be processed.

Note for event requests for locations outside of Sykes Union: When you submit your event request 25Live will automatically generate a notice to only the appropriate facility administrator to confirm that space. If you have waited over one week to hear, please check with Sykes Union Administration and we can follow up with the administrator of the space you requested
Confirmation: Event Confirmations are made via the WCU email. The space requested is not officially confirmed until the requester has received a confirmation form from the Sykes Union or appropriate scheduling office. It is ultimately the group’s responsibility to be certain their room has been confirmed.
Assigning of Space: Reservations are confirmed on a space-available basis. Groups will be assigned to space based on the information listed on the form (nature of event, expected attendance, catering, etc.). Sykes Union reserves the right to organize and move scheduled events to best accommodate all groups. All standard meetings may last a maximum of 2 hours. A space showing as available when you request the room does not necessarily mean another group did not request the space first. Please always have alternate dates in mind. Space management reserves the right to reassign space and/or cancel classroom events to best accommodate the entire university community.
There are other reasons administrators may not be able to confirm your program, even if the space shows as available. They include but are not limited to:

  • Special requirements: set up needs, support services needed,

  • Public Safety (see page ***)

  • Facility fit: if the space you requested does not suit your event type because of event attendance set up needed, hours open, or activities performed.

Event Cancellation: If for any reason, you need to cancel your event, you may do so yourself on 25Live if the event is more than 48 hours away by changing the event state on 25Live to cancelled. If the event is less than 48 hours away, please contact the facility administrator who sent you your event confirmation by email and/or phone.
In the event that public safety has been assigned to your event (See page 12), if event is cancelled more than 48 hours in advance, the student organization is not charged. If an event is cancelled in less than 48 hours, Public Safety will charge ½ of anticipated cost of event, unless the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the sponsor/s (to be determined by the SPARC). If a cancellation does occur, there will be a possibility of another group using the space if they do NOT require a special set up or extra staffing.
When planning an outdoor program, always consider an alternative location in case of inclement weather. You are permitted to book rain locations for your event, but we ask you make the decision to move the event 24 hours before your scheduled start time.

Advice: Plan and reserve early!



You received a confirmation from the facility administrator through 25Live and your event location, date and time are confirmed. Here are the next steps to ensure a successful event.


For any services rendered at your event requiring or not requiring payment, including but not limited to, a performer, DJ, a moon bounce or novelty, or any an outside vendor providing any service at your event you must have a contract.
So what is a contract? (Found in The Ram’s Eye View)

In order to ensure that agreements for services are legal and appropriate, the following are policies for all officially recognized West Chester University student organizations regarding contracts:

  • For SSI/SGA funded student organizations sponsoring both on-and-off-campus events and programs:

  • All contracts and/or agreements with outside agencies must be approved and signed by the executive director of SSI.

  • Under no circumstances can a student sign a contract or agreement with an outside agency.

  • For student organizations not funded by SSI/SGA sponsoring on-campus events and programs:

  • All contracts and/or agreements with outside agencies must be approved and signed by the executive director of SSI if the amount is over $300.

  • All contracts and/or agreements with outside agencies must be approved and signed by the student organization’s official faculty/staff advisor if the amount is $300 or under.

  • Under no circumstances can a student sign a contract or agreement with an outside agency.

  • Verbal Agreements and email correspondence may be viewed as a contract by an agency, legally binding you if your language isn’t clear. Be specific when you are researching a performer/entertainer/service that you are simply looking and not committing to anything.


All money collected on campus must be immediately deposited into the Student Organization’s Student Services, Inc. (SSI) account before leaving the event. This pertains to ALL events, including but not limited to bake sales/vending sales, admission charge for events, canning, donation drives, registration fees, tournament fees, etc.

To deposit money, please count the money you collected, fill out an SSI Deposit Slip (obtained at the SSI Service Center on the ground floor of Sykes), place in a sealed envelope, and place in the drop safe. The drop safe is underneath the information desk on the first floor of Sykes Union The drop safe is accessible the hours the student union is open (7:30am-12am Monday-Thursday, 8am-2:30am Friday & Saturday, 10am-12:30am Sunday). Money must be deposited in those hours event if your event has not ended.

Cash boxes, money bags, and change can be obtained at the SSI Service Center for your event. Please note the SSI Service Center Hours are 8:30am-4:00pm Monday-Friday. If your event takes place outside of those hours, please arrange to pick up the money box or change before during their business hours Cash boxes with money inside can be left in the Sykes Union Administrative Office Safe before your event only. After your event, you must count and deposit the money using the steps above, and leave the empty cash box in the Sykes Administration office for pick up by SSI. Please note there are no other cash boxes on campus if you forget to pick up ahead of time. Sykes Administration is not responsible for money not properly deposited after your event.
Please note that collecting money at an event is a safety concern, and may necessitate the need for public safety.


If you wish to serve food at your event, please indicate so on your initial 25Live request. Depending on the space you are requesting food may or may not be permitted.

All events on campus are required to use ARAMARK/New Street Catering for their programs, meetings, and events. If you would like to use another food service vendor for any reason, you must obtain a signed waiver from New Street Catering granting that permission. You may contact New Street Catering at (610) 436-3130.

After obtaining that waiver, all catering for public events must gain additional approval through Chester County Health Department to ensure the safety of your attendees. Public events are considered any event where non-members of your organization/department will be present. The waiver takes two weeks to process, so please plan accordingly.
Student/campus organization programs, meetings, and events that are closed to the public and considered “private” will be permitted to bring food in from an outside vendor with the appropriate approvals (for student groups those approvals are through the Sykes Union reservation office.) 
Food prepared in a non-commercial, unlicensed facility/setting will NOT be permitted.  Baked goods, soft pretzels, water ice (must use disposable scooper to dispense) and similar items are exempt from this policy. Whole pizza pies and hoagies at an open event are not permitted but individually boxed slices of cheese only pizzas are permitted.
General guidelines for all events, either private or public, where food will be served:

  • You must thoroughly wash your hands before handling food or putting on gloves.

  • You may not touch food with your bare hands.   Single use, food grade gloves (not latex) is the suggested practice.   Tongs, deli wrap, or wax paper sheets are permitted for baked goods.

  • Food must remain covered at all times.  Covered containers, plastic wrap, or individual serving containers are all acceptable.

Chester County Health Department Bureau of Environmental Health Protection specifies that: “No food prepared in a private home* or which has been processed in a place, other than a commercial food processing establishment regulated by the CCHD or any other appropriate, official, regulatory agency, shall be sold, offered for sale or given away. If food is prepared outside of Chester County, a copy of a facility’s valid license from the appropriate regulatory agency must be submitted to the CCHD.”

*Residence Hall Kitchens are considered private homes in this circumstance.


There are numerous sources available on campus to advertise and promote your activity or program. Contact the following sources for deadline dates if your group wishes to use a recognized campus medium: The Quad, WCUR, and WCUTV. Other avenues of publicity include the video power point monitor in Sykes or around campus, SAC movie preview ads, campus bulletin boards, fliers in student organization mailboxes in Sykes Union, Residence Hall front desks, banners hung from the front Sykes Union railings, and table tents and banners in the Lawrence Center Dining Hall, Campus Corner, and Ram’s Head Food Court. Please check with each of the Building Administrators regarding specific building posting policy. You may also contact the West Chester Borough Council or approach individual businesses for permission to post.
The university has specific policies regarding advertising on campus.

(Found in The Ram’s Eye View) All advertisements must concur with the University civility code and must be supportive of the university’s mission. To ensure that the advertisement on campus informs the public, enhances the campus environment, and adheres to all University policies, student organizations must follow these procedures when they advertise their programs:

Indoor Advertising:

    • Sykes Union: Up to three postings may be approved for display around Sykes Union. Approval is granted through the Sykes Union Information Desk. Banners may be hung inside of Sykes Union for with Sykes administrative approval.

    • Residence Halls: Approval for posting is obtained through the Office of Residence Life and Housing in 202 Lawrence Center Fliers need to be dropped off at 202 Lawrence Center. The Residence Life staff will ensure they are properly posted.

    • Dining Facilities: All advertising must be approved by Campus Dining Services. Table tents are located in the dining facilities.

    • Academic/Administrative Buildings: Approval for posting is obtained through the building administrator (see below) for each respective building. Posting in buildings is only permitted on designated bulletin board space. Advertisements posted on walls, doors etc. are immediately removed by the Housekeeping Department.

    • Digital Signage: Please contact Sykes Union Administration for information on how to advertise on campus digital signage displays.

Outdoor Advertising:

    • Banners may be hung outside of Sykes Union on the ramp and patio railings with permission from the Sykes Union Administrative staff.

    • Advertisements are not permitted on garbage cans, benches, trees, and/or exterior walls or doors of buildings.

    • “Chalking” of sidewalks or any other surface is prohibited.

    • Signs on stakes placed on University grounds must be approved in advance by the Office of Student Leadership & Involvement, who will coordinate placement of these types of advertisement with University Grounds Maintenance.

    • Advertisement depicting alcohol use, abuse, sale, or distribution is prohibited.

    • In accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, advertisements must respect the human rights and personal dignity of individuals (see Student Code of Conduct). Therefore, advertisements that demean others based on race, lifestyle, religion, handicap, national origin, or sex are strictly prohibited. In addition, advertisement by West Chester University student organizations should be complimentary to the mission of the University and adhere to community standards of civility and good taste.

    • The official West Chester University Logo, Seal, and Ram Logo may not be used without permission from the Office of Publications and Printing Services, located in 13/15 University Ave., x2231.

    • All officially recognized student organizations at West Chester University are obliged to comply with University policies; therefore, violations of the “Advertising Policy” could jeopardize a student organization’s recognition status on campus.

Link to the facility administrators on campus for posting permissions:

Questions or inquiries about the “Advertising Policy” should be directed to Sykes Student Union Reservationist, room 116 Sykes Union, x 2984.


If your organization is planning an event that requires audio/visual or any kind of technical equipment, you should be aware of what departments on campus can take care of your needs. There is a limited supply of audiovisual equipment available for use through the Sykes Union. Equipment includes a portable sound system, projectors, projection screens, TV/VCR units, computers, projectors, microphones, and podiums. Also available are rectangular tables. All equipment MUST be reserved through Sykes Union reservations office and may NOT leave the Union without permission of Sykes Administration.

  • The Sykes Union Theater and Ballrooms have a built in sound system. The ballrooms can be separated into three separate rooms.

  • The Sykes Theater and Ballrooms are fully equipped multi-media room containing a multi-media video projection system, for use with a computer, auxiliary inputs, DVD, CD, and cable TV.

  • The Instructional Media Center, located in room 112 of the Francis Harvey Green Library, can provide basic technical equipment such as slide projectors and overhead projectors. The Center provides this equipment for academic use first and foremost. However, based upon availability, student organizations can sign out equipment. Contact the center at x3394. You may need to leave your ID or information about where your organization can be reached.

  • Student Groups are NOT permitted to use any audio/visual equipment in academic classrooms. For any A/V needs in classroom space, equipment needs to be reserved through Sykes Union and signed out at the time of your event by leaving your WCU ID.


There is a limited amount of additional equipment including long tables available for programs at the Sykes Information Desk. Any equipment needs must be requested a minimum of 3 weeks before your event and may be picked up at program/meeting time with a WCU ID. For large equipment needs, a work order may need to be requested through moving services (see below).
For athletic type events, a limited amount of equipment may be available for rental from The Department of Recreation Programs. You can contact them directly for assistance.


Depending on the kind of event you are planning and the place in which you plan to hold your event, certain special arrangements must be made with various support services groups. If you believe any of these services listed below are needed for your event, it is your responsibility to speak to Sykes Administration to coordinate such services as soon as you receive your confirmation.

Support services require a minimum of three weeks’ notice* to accommodate.

There will be no exceptions made to the three week requirement.
*From the middle of August through the month of September, moving services has a standing commitment to residence halls and will not be able to accommodate any event set up requests.

  • Electrician - If your indoor or outdoor event in any confirmed campus space requires audio/visual or sound equipment, a campus electrician may be brought in to draw more power from that facility. If you are unsure about the power requirements of your event, check with the reservationist.

  • Grounds - If your event is outside on one of the fields or picnic areas, the Grounds Crew may be required to prepare the area before or to restore it afterwards. They also reserve the right to deny any even that could compromise the outdoor areas’ ascetics.

  • Custodial Services - Depending on the nature of your event, an extra custodial crew may need to be brought in so that the facility is clean, in working order for any program or class that may be using the facility after you.

  • Staging, Chairs, Tables, etc. - The facility that you are reserving may not have any tables or chairs at all or may not have as many as you need for your event. If you are not utilizing an auditorium that already has a stage, but are using a gymnasium, pieces of staging can be brought in.

  • Tarp - If you are planning an event in Hollinger Gym that is not an athletic event, the gymnasium floor must be tarped by the campus Maintenance Department.


Your advisor’s responsibility, particularly when it comes to program planning, is to help you remember all of those little details. Your advisor’s perspective is crucial in that he or she is probably not directly involved in the planning process, thus can provide objective feedback to you and your committee.


Evaluations can differ quite a bit in style and format depending on the type of program that your organization sponsored. Do not judge your program solely on attendance. Successful programming should be evaluated for its merits and ability to educate and/or entertain those who choose to attend. A written evaluation can help you to look at your program objectively and to explore whether you were able to meet all of your goals and objectives. (Sample evaluations are located in the index).


West Chester University Public Safety receives a copy of approved campus events; therefore they are aware of all programs occurring on campus. Public Safety may be present at all events where one or more of the following criteria is met:

  • There is a potential for non-WCU students to be present,

  • An admission fee is charged,

  • The size of the expected crowd,

  • Event ends after 12 midnight,

  • The program was advertised off campus,

  • Nature of the entertainment, i.e. DJ, band, live performer, etc.

  • and/or where other safety concerns are dictated.

If one or more of the above criteria is met, your organization will be required to have an in person meeting with the Assistant Director of Sykes Union and a representative from Public Safety to discuss your specific event details and determine if public safety is required to be present at your event. Your event will remain “tentative” and will not be confirmed until that meeting occurs. This meeting must take place a minimum of two weeks before your event.

Per contract, Public Safety needs a minimum of two weeks’ notice to assign officers to events. If public safety is needed at your event and you have not met the two week requirement for your request, or special event meeting mentioned above, your event will be denied or cancelled, even if the space is available.
If Public Safety is required due to the nature of your event, your organization will be responsible for the costs. Public Safety Officers charge back $48.00 per officer per hour. The Public Safety department has the final authority for determining the level of Public Safety support necessary at events.
Public Safety bills are to be paid at the end of the semester. Failure to pay a Public Safety bill within these 30 days of billing will result in loss of all “dance, party, event” reservations until that bill is paid in full. Sykes Union will not accept new reservations for any organizations that have not paid their bill/s if those reservations were submitted after bills were processed.


In the unlikely event that the University is closed on the weekend due to severe weather, generally all events will be canceled. There certainly may be exceptions, but we will need to address them on a case-by case basis. If the University is closed, information to that effect will be communicated via the web, text messaging, WCU information line, and TV and radio.
If the University is not closed, the University (or SSI) individual in charge of a specific event occurring on the weekend will determine whether the event will occur. Prior to such determination, the individual in charge will:

    • Consult with Facilities to determine if proper support (e.g., clearing of parking lots and walks) can be provided

    • Consult with event sponsor (e.g., outside production company, athletic team coming to campus, etc.) to determine whether that organization feels they can reach campus safely.

If there is any question about whether an event will be held or canceled, that information should be provided to Kim Slattery, who will post the information on the University website. Unless the University is closed, there will not be announcements via text messaging, TV, radio, or the WCU information line.


All reserved buildings/facilities have individual policies/procedures that must be followed. For a complete listing of policies/procedures for a building see the link to the facility administrators on campus:


Candles in Sykes Union, unless provided by an Aramark Catered and monitored event, requires prior approval by Environmental Health and Safety. They may only be used as votive for decorative purposes. The candle must be completely enclosed by glass, and the flame can reach no more than halfway up the glass enclosure. They may never be burned while held, stored on the ground or anywhere but on a table.

Sterno use is prohibited unless provided by Aramark Catering for a food service function.


(Found in The Ram’s Eye View) Use, sale, exchange, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus or off campus, if such off-campus use is in violation of local, state or federal law, is prohibited. Any violation of the University’s alcohol policy, set forth in The Ram’s Eye View, shall be construed as a violation of this section. In the absence of extraordinary or mitigating circumstances, a sanction of suspension or expulsion will be imposed on any student found guilty of providing alcohol to minors. Alcohol is not allowed, unless approved by the President’s Office, on the West Chester University campus and it is a violation of this policy to possess alcohol. Demonstrating that a student has knowledge of the location of alcohol and the intent to exercise control over the alcohol shall constitute possession.


No animals are permitted in Sykes Union with the exception of police dogs, service animals, and therapy dogs.
If you want to bring a program to campus surrounding animals, the policy is as follows:

  • Any group wishing to bring animals in must work with a licensed vendor and the vendor must be on site for the program and provide insurance.

  • Adhere to the Chester County regulations pertaining to animals accessible to the public.

  • Signage posted warning the public that dogs are in proximity so that those with allergies, fears or other sensitivities are made aware of these animals location. Sykes will provide easels and sign boards.

  • The dogs will be confined and monitored at all times by an authorized handler(s) who is responsible for the welfare and safety of the animals. 

  • The organization bringing in the dogs will be responsible for cleaning up after the animals and properly disposing of the waste.

  • West Chester University of PA shall be named as additional insured on the organization’s insurance policy.


Always let the facility administrator know of your plans for decorations.

The Sykes Union administration office must approve room decorations for Sykes Union and special tape must be used. There are people with severe latex allergies on campus and signage alerting the public about the use of balloons.
Tape, tacks, nails, glitter, Command Strips, or any other stick and pull tabs are prohibited. Sykes provides gaffers tape for decorating in rooms. Approved painters tape it also permissible.



want to show a movie!


Your event typically fits into one of two categories: A Standard Meeting or a Special Event.

STANDARD MEETINGS – Standard meetings are reservations requiring no special set ups, food, special hours, no outside speakers or performers, and using basic A/V equipment without training. Reservations for standard meetings may be made up to 24 hours before the program, if space is available. Reservations for standard meetings are made on 25Live, and can be booked on an individual date or weekly basis. All above “Event Logistics” policies apply.
SPECIAL EVENT- Special events are any event held on campus, including but not limited to a dance, party, concert, or show. These are events other than standard meetings possibly requiring a special setup, food, public safety, electrical needs, special hours, and which may necessitate the use of Public Safety coverage to ensure a safe and secure environment for all WCU students and their guests. All special event requests are made on 25Live at least three (3) weeks in advance of the program date. These programs often require a meeting with the Assistant Director or the reservationist of Sykes Union, and a representative from Public Safety to discuss program details. All above “Event Logistics” policies apply.
Most special event types have specific policies pertaining to them. Before planning a special event, please read and consider the requirements for your special event type.

For all Special Events:

  • Reservations will only be accepted if the student listed as responsible for the program is an enrolled student in the semester that the special event takes place.

  • There will be NO co-sponsorship of a special event with non-WCU clubs and organizations (such as an organization at another university). Student organizations may NOT sponsor or co-sponsor events with alumni without the approval of the Alumni Affairs Office and/or SPARC.

  • In order for recognized student organizations to host a party at West Chester University, they MUST have two active WCU student organizational members to organize and supervise the event. Multiple groups may join to sponsor events as long as their combined membership equals or exceeds four members.
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