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Welcome to Music Through The Ages


Music has been around as long as we

have. In the beginning we are sure our

ancestors clapped their hands, stomped their

feet and made happy and joyful sounds when

things were happy and joyful. And we are sure

that when things weren’t happy and joyful,

the sounds they made were probably sad and

slow. This little booklet will tell you how and why our ancestors have

made those happy and sad sounds over the past thousand years. It is a

very brief journey through music history. We will begin with the somber

sounds of monks chanting prayers in quiet monasteries, go wandering

with the troubadours while they sing of knights in armor and ladies in

distress in the Middle Ages. Then we will see how all those shows like

The Lion King, Cats, and Beauty and the Beast really had their beginnings

in Italy during in the Renaissance. And, along the way, we’ll meet some

of the composers who made music CLASSICAL.


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