Welcome to Apollo 13 Day!

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Welcome to Apollo 13 Day!
Forty-four years ago this Friday, the United States sent its third mission to the moon: Apollo 13. Two days later an oxygen tank exploded on the spacecraft, diverting the mission and putting the lives of its three astronauts at risk. However, with collaboration and genius engineering, the astronauts were able to repair Apollo 13 to return the crew safely on April 17, 1970.
In order to celebrate this spectacular accomplishment and learn more about the exciting world of aerospace engineering, Aero will be hosting a school-wide trivia game—and the winner gets a pizza or pie party the Monday we come back from break!
On Friday, your Fourth Period class will come to the Infinity Theater and compete against all of the other Aero classes. Before the game, your teacher will assign you a trivia category (English, Social Studies, Biology, Physics, Engineering, and Math). In order to prepare for your trivia question(s), you will need to read three source texts assigned to your category. While we will not tell you what the questions are before the game, the questions will come from these source texts, so study hard!
The source texts are as follows. Remember you only need to read the texts for your category of questions:

Spanish News Article

Spanish Science Blog

Race to Save Apollo 13 (Literary Nonfiction)

Apollo 13 Re-Entry and Splashdown (Live TV News Coverage, April 17, 1970)
Power Failure Imperils Astronauts; Apollo 13 Will Head Back to Earth (NY Times Article, April 14, 1970)
Social Studies

“Astronauts Trailed by Rocket Hulk” and “First Hot Dog in Space.” (Newspaper, April 13, 1970)

US Senate, 91st Congress. Hearing Before the Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences. Excerpt from Statement of Dr. Thomas O. Paine, Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration. (Senate Hearing Transcript, April 24, 1970)
Excerpt from Richard Nixon: "Remarks on Presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Apollo 13 Mission Operations Team in Houston" (Presidential Statement, April 18, 1970)

Apollo 13 Splashdown (ABC News Coverage, April 17, 1970)

Apollo 13 Mission Pages (Apollo Lunar Surface Journal)
13 Things That Saved Apollo (Scientific Blog Article)

Rocket Physics (Applicable Scientific Terms and Equations)

Rocket Science! (Physics Video Tutorial)
The Physics of Apollo 13 (Informative Slideshow Presentation)

Apollo 13 "Houston, we've got a problem." (NASA Office of Public Affairs, 1970)

The Flight of Apollo 13 (NASA History, updated October 22, 2004)
Apollo 13 The Seventh Mission: The Third Lunar Landing Attempt (NASA Summary of Mission)

The math that saved Apollo 13

Short video clip - astronauts doing math in space
NASA: Practical Uses of Math and Science

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