Welcome” ghost and “welcome” frankie mold numbers 2699 “Welcome” Ghost 16. 5”T X 10. 5”W $108. 00 2700 “Welcome” Frankie 17”T X 10. 5”W $108. 00

BASECOAT: Flesh areas with Chocolate Fudge. DRYBRUSH

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BASECOAT: Flesh areas with Chocolate Fudge.

DRYBRUSH: Drybrush flesh with 2 coats of Chocolate followed with 1 coat of Cherokee Tan. Lightly blush cheeks with Burgundy.

PAINT: Eyes, lips and hair. Remove stain from the overglazed areas gently with a damp paper towel. Apply Gloss Sealer to lips and eyes.


2717 Garden Pixie 17”T x 8.25”W $80.00

OPAQUES STAINS: SS-135 White, SS-192 Light Taupe, SS-63 Black Forest, SS-276 Forest Green, SS-288 Bright Green, SS-48 Artichoke, SS-376 Limeburst, SS-212 Light Umber, SS-254 Golden Ocher, SS-3 Honey Toast, SS-51 Coral Rose, SS-373 Brick Red, SS-24 Chocolate Fudge, SS-54 True Blue and SS-138 Flat Black.

Download 25.13 Kb.

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