Welcome” ghost and “welcome” frankie mold numbers 2699 “Welcome” Ghost 16. 5”T X 10. 5”W $108. 00 2700 “Welcome” Frankie 17”T X 10. 5”W $108. 00

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Size25.13 Kb.
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2714 Naomi Body 11.75”T $45.00

2715 Naomi Head and Head Wrap $10.00

2716 Naomi Head and Long Head Wrap $20.00

GLAZE: Mayco S-2102 Snow White

OVERGLAZE: Gold, and Mother of Pearl

OPAQUE STAINS: SS-135 White, SS-45 Buttermilk, SS-399 Terra Cotta, SS-211 Orange Rust, SS-373 Brick Red, SS-49 Burgundy, SS-210 Orange, SS-24 Chocolate Fudge, SS-198 Chocolate, SS-372 Cherokee Tan and SS-138 Flat Black.

TRANSLUCENT STAINS: TL-309 Golden Buckskin Twinkle and TL-310 Ginny Tan Twinkle.

MISC.: AC-501 Gloss Sealer

MAYCO BRUSHES: AB-834 ¾” Basecoat, RB-138 3/8” Angled Shaders, various size RB and size 4, 6 & 8 round CB brushes, UB and round AB dry brushes. 10/0 CB-110 Mini Liner and CB-200 Detail.
PREPARATION: After removing cast from mold slip attach head and desired head wrap. Have a hand held hair dryer handy and dry head and neck to set. Allow to dry, clean and fire to cone 04.

GLAZE: Apply 3 coats of Snow White to earrings, necklace and bracelet, fire to cone 06.

OVERGLAZE: Apply gold to glazed areas desired, and fire to cone .017. Apply Mother of pearl to desired areas, fire to cone .022. Apply a thin film of dish soap to overglazed areas so the stains will remove from the area easier when finished.

BASECOAT: White dress with Buttermilk and orange dress with Terra Cotta.

ANTIQUE: Basecoated areas with 1:1 mix of Ginny Tan Twinkle and Golden Buckskin Twinkle. Wipe off excess with a soft cloth.

DRYBRUSH: White garment with 2 to 3 coats of Buttermilk followed with 2 to 3 coats of White. Orange garment with 2 coats of Terra Cotta followed with 2 to 3 coats of Orange Rust followed with 2 to 3 coats of Orange.

Download 25.13 Kb.

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