Welcome” ghost and “welcome” frankie mold numbers 2699 “Welcome” Ghost 16. 5”T X 10. 5”W $108. 00 2700 “Welcome” Frankie 17”T X 10. 5”W $108. 00

GLAZE: C-109 Wonder Clear Dipping

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GLAZE: C-109 Wonder Clear Dipping

MAYCO BRUSHES: #4 CB-604 and #8 CB-618 Soft Fan, #6 CB-106 Script Liner, 10/0 CB-110 Mini Liner and CB-200 Detail.

MISC.: Acrylic sponge
PREPARATION: After removing cast from molds, cut out handles and pourgates from bags. Slip attach slip poured or pressed clay pumpkin parts to Build-a-pumpkin bag as desired, cut out mouths with an exacto knife or place lines using a pencil tip or similar tool. Allow to dry, clean and fire to cone 04.
APPLY STROKE AND COATS: Using the soft fan brushes and the script liner apply 3 coats of the base color or colors as follows. If instructions uses more than one base color, blend the color as you apply. When sponging on color, allow color to dry completely between coats. Color used as follows: FRANKIE DISH AND BAG: 1:1 mix of Sour Apple and Sunkissed, two coats of Tuxedo to hair, eyes and bolts, two coats of Pink-a-Dot to nose and cheeks. 2 coats of hair and bolt highlights with Grapel. Line with Tuxedo, paint on blood with 2 coats of Candy Apple Red. Paint inside of bag with 2 coats of Tuxedo. GHOST DISH AND BAG: White areas apply 2 coats of White. Using the script liner apply one watered down coat of Blue Yonder to mouth lines and outline of ghosts. Two coats of Tuxedo to inside and outside of hat. 2 coats of Orange ya Happy to noses and cheek dots. Using a sponge apply 2 coats of Orange ya Happy to cheeks as shown followed with 2 coats, covering less area with Candy Apple Red. Sponge on 2 light coats to noses. Paint patch on ghost’s hat with 2 coats Sour Apple and spider with 2 coats of Grapel. Paint on black lines and detail with Tuxedo, place an extra coat on open mouth. Sponge 3 coats of Grapel onto hat as shown. Paint stitches to patch and detail to patch as desired. VAMPIRE HAT AND BAG: Purple Haze to flesh areas of vampire. Apply 2 coats of Tuxedo to hair and inside of bag. For bright green teeth and highlights in hair, apply 2 coats of 1:1 Sunkissed and Sour Apple as shown. Apply 2 coats of Pink-a-Dot to noses and cheek dots. Paint Tuxedo to lines, eyes and mouth. PUMPKIN BAGS AND DISHES: Darker pumpkin bags, color used are Candy Apple Red, Orange Ya Happy and Sunkissed. Color is applied from the bottom up, blending as you go. Lighter Pumpkin bags, color used are Orange Ya Happy and Sunkissed. Using the script liner apply 1 thin coat of Sunkissed to mouth and crease lines and outline of pumpkin. Paint Pumpkin stems with Green Thumb and Sour Apple, some leaves with Sour Apple and others with a 1:1 mix of Sour Apple and Sunkissed. Yellow noses with 2 coats of Dandelion, sponge on 2 coats of Sunkissed followed with 1 coat of White. Sponge on 2 coats of Candy Apple Red to orange noses and cheeks. Line stems and leaves with Just Froggy and Tuxedo. Line other areas and paint eyes and mouth with Tuxedo. Paint inside of bag as desired. EYEBALL DISHES: Two coats of Cotton Tail. Paint orange eye as follows: 2 coats of Orange Ya Happy with dots of Sunkissed, Dandelion, Candy Apple Red and Tuxedo. Blue eye: 2 coats of The Blues with dots of Cotton Tail, Grapel, Blue Yonder and Tuxedo. Green eye: 2 coats of Green Thumb with lines of Sour Apple, Just Froggy and Tuxedo. Paint pupils with Tuxedo. Paint an uneven circle about ½ inch from the rim on the back of the eyeball dishes with 3 coats of Candy Apple Red. Using the mini liner apply veins as shown, two coats. Line the veins on one side using Tuxedo. Extend the veins to the back of the dish. SCARECROW BAG: Apply 1:1 mix of Rawhide and Tiger Tail to face. 1 coat of Poo Bear to straw hair, 2 coat of Shrimp Boat to cheeks and nose. Three coats of Cherry Bomb to hat and inside of bag. Paint stitches to hat with 2 coats of Rawhide, line with Java Bean. Apply lines of Butter me Up and Sunkissed to straw hair. Apply dots of Butter me Up, Sunkissed and Java Bean to the underside of the straw. Paint eyes with Tuxedo. APPLY WHITE HIGHLIGHT IN ALL EYES.

DIP: All pieces in Mayco’s Wonder Clear Dipping. On purple items be sure the entire purple area is dipped at one time, do not overlap clear dipping glaze on purple stroke and coat. Allow to dry.

Download 25.13 Kb.

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