Welcome” ghost and “welcome” frankie mold numbers 2699 “Welcome” Ghost 16. 5”T X 10. 5”W $108. 00 2700 “Welcome” Frankie 17”T X 10. 5”W $108. 00

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DRYBRUSH: Ghost welcome sign lightly with a 1:2 mix of True Blue and Dark Blue. Lightly drybrush Welcome Ghost base and base with 1:1 Deep Purple and True Blue. Drybrush Welcome Frankie as follows: Frankie’s pants with 1:1 True Blue and Dark Blue. Jacket and hair with 1:1 mix of Dark Blue and Deep Purple. Wooden Beam and base lightly with 1:1 mix of Deep Purple and True Blue. Chain and shackles with Sculpture Bronze and head bolts with Shimmering Silver.
PAINT: Eyes using True Blue for the irises. Paint Frankie’s shoes with Flat Black, scar with Flat Black and Christmas Red. Paint Frankie’s welcome letters with Deep Purple and True Blue mixed. Thin Brightest Yellow with water and pour in the inside back of Frankie’s Beam and Ghost’s grave marker. When lighted the yellow will reflect through the letters. Hook up bases with electrical.

Download 25.13 Kb.

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