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Topic 1: Organizing the National Assembly

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Topic 1: Organizing the National Assembly

Amongst all of the chaos of separating from the États-Générals and being locked out of their own meeting hall, the National Assembly was finding trouble establishing a certain level of organization. Having essentially committed an act of revolution against the King of France, the Assembly needs to gain a semblance of stability. Originally purposed with reforming the economy, it is now evident that there are more problems with the government of France than simply a fiscal breakdown. The Tennis Court Oath sparked a sense of revolution in all of the members of the Assembly, laying the groundwork for a reformation that could upheave the monarchy. Yet in order to do that, order must be set in place.

The underlying issue of most failed revolutions is the lack of organization. Often there will be utter chaos and the eventual victor is the existing power, with the majority of the revolutionaries being sent to prison or death. The monarchy will undoubtedly ignore the presence of the National Assembly if it is still in disarray. In order for the National Assembly to achieve anything, to go in any direction, it must first determine what exactly needs to be changed how to go about doing so.

Questions to Consider:

  1. In what ways did the États-Générals a weak form of having the citizens’ voices be heard and what could be bettered in the National Assembly?

  2. How can the National Assembly solve the issue of underrepresentation that was apparent in the États-Générals to ensure that all peoples’ voices are heard?

  3. How can the National Assembly establish itself as a legitimate body that has influence on the Ancien Régime and the future of France?

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