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Welcome Delegates,

It is the summer of 1789, a time of heightened tensions between the citizens of France and the monarchy, and there is an aura of insurrection in the air. Each of you will be assigned the position of a specific figure in the National Assembly and you must research this individual and where he or she stood in the situation so that you may accurately represent these viewpoints in committee. Adherence to the opinions of the individual being represented is crucial and will be considered for awards. Do not fret if the person you are representing has radical or unique ideas from the rest of the committee, we want a variety of opinions to stir up debate!

All delegates are required to write a position paper which provides background information about your historical figure as well as in depth discussion of each of the topics, primarily focusing of specific solutions and strategies to be employed. Material from the background guide may be used but additional research will be necessary to develop a thorough understanding of the topic. The position paper should be 2-3 pages in length, single spaced and all information MUST be cited. Don’t forget to include your own name, the individual you are representing as well as your school. Please email your position paper to us at least two days prior to the conference and bring a printed copy at the start of the first committee session.

The two of us are seniors in the IB program at Henrico High and we have been involved in Model UN throughout high school, attending conferences such as VAMUN, GSMUN and NAIMUN. Our time in this club has provided us with great experiences and improved upon our speaking and writing skills. We hope that you guys will have the same experience in this committee whether you are a beginner at MUN or if you have been to multiple conferences already.

We have high hopes for this committee and we know that you all will contribute great ideas and practice effective diplomacy to solve the issue at hand. Whether this is your first conference ever, or perhaps your first crisis committee, do not be afraid to speak up and participate. We want to hear from everyone and so will your fellow delegates, so don’t worry about ‘sounding stupid’ or having ‘bad ideas’ because that is not possible in our committee! 

Best Wishes,

Mashal Khan (mashalkhan56@gmail.com)

Ben Bryant (bbbgun218@gmail.com)

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