Weight Summation of principle of RoL

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RULE OF LAW – Unwritten CL, Con principle (binding, normative; guides judgment/discretion; possesses weight)
Summation of principle of RoL

BC v Imperial Tobacco, 2005

ROL cannot be strike down leg; ltd in terms of substantive utility (no guarantee of fair civ trial, no req’t that leg be prosp’ve)

  1. Law supreme over priv indiv’s, gov off’ls (gov must ex power non-arb’ly/law’y; leg enables/constrains powers of gov)

  2. Requires creation/maintenance of positive order of laws (law must exist in legislative or CL form)

  3. Requires rlnsp b/t State and indiv to be reg’d by law (officials’ actions must be legally founded in order to be valid)

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