Weekly Reading for Medieval Theatre (updated for 2014-5)

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Week 4, The York Realist:

York (Cutlers) Conspiracy (W); York (Cordwainers) Agony and Betrayal (Mich); York (Bowyers and Fletchers) Peter's Denial and Jesus before Caiphas (Mich); York (Tapiters and Couchers) Dream of Pilate's Wife (W); York (Listers) Trial before Herod (W); York (Cooks and Water-leaders) Second Accusation before Pilate; Remorse of Judas; Purchase of the Field of Blood (Mich); York (Tilemakers) Second Trial before Pilate (W); York (Butchers) Mortification of Christ and Burial (H)

We will assume familiarity with the York pageants up to the Crucifixion

J.W. Robinson, ‘The Art of the York Realist’, Modern Philology 60.4 (1963): 241-251. (WUL)

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