Weekly Reading for Medieval Theatre (updated for 2014-5)

Suggested Further Reading

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Suggested Further Reading

Richard Axton, European Drama of the Early Middle Ages (1974).

David Bevington, From Mankind to Marlowe (1962).

E. K. Chambers, The Medieval Stage (2 vols.; Oxford, 1903).

Lawrence M. Clopper, Drama, Play and Game: English Festive Culture in the Medieval and Early Modern Period, University of Chicago Press, 2001.

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A. F. Johnson et al. (eds), REED Series: Records of Early English Drama (Toronto, 1979-), multi-volume records collections, info available at http://www.reed.utoronto.ca/.

V.A. Kolve, The Play Called Corpus Christi (1966)

Charles Phythian-Adams, ‘Ceremony and the Citizen: The Communal Year at Coventry 1450-1550’ in Crisis and Order in English Towns 1500-1700: Essays in Urban History, ed. Peter Clark and Paul Slack, (Toronto, 1972), pp. 57-85.

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William Tydeman, The Theatre of Medieval Europe (1978).

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Greg Walker, The Politics of Performance in Early Renaissance Drama (1998).

Robert Weimann, Shakespeare and the Popular Tradition in the Theatre (1978).

Glynne Wickham, Early English Stages 1300-1660 (1959-72)

Glynne Wickham, The Medieval Theatre (1974).

Rosemary Woolf, The English Mystery Plays, University of California Press, 1980.

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