Weekly Reading for Medieval Theatre (updated for 2014-5)

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Weekly Reading for Medieval Theatre (updated for 2014-5)

This list is not wholly compulsory but if you want to get the most out of the course, then you should read the primary and secondary material, as well as seeking out other critical reactions of interest. Then come to seminar prepared to discuss them. Please note that the pageants themselves are very short, so reading 7 in a week is not unreasonable (I promise).

Primary Texts

You will want to buy:

Medieval Drama: An Anthology, ed. Greg Walker (Blackwell, 2000). (c. £25 new. Be careful that you don’t mistakenly buy the combination of this and Walker’s Old and Middle English Anthology at c. £50 unless you actually want both).

English Mystery Plays: A Selection, ed. Peter Happé (Penguin, 1975; repr. 1985). (c. £9.50 new).

These will be available secondhand (try ebay as well as Amazon) at knockdown prices. You will make your life much easier if you ensure you have a good text of the play, with good notes, so do not be tempted into buying cheaper editions with poor notes, or none at all.

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