Week two – Pages 20-43

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Night Questions

WEEK TWO – Pages 20-43

  1. Describe the weather conditions at the time of deportation.

  1. Why didn’t the people on the train with Elie eat enough to satisfy their hunger?

  1. After reaching Kaschau, the 80 people on Elie’s cattle car were told that if anyone turned up missing, what would happen?

  1. Why has Madame Schacter gone insane?

  1. When does Madame Schachter see the fires? Why is this important? Does she see real fires?

  1. How do the other passengers deal with Madame Schachter? How do they explain away her vision?

  1. When does everyone finally see an actual fire?

  1. The people on Elie’s train are told the conditions at the camp will be what?

  1. What is the smell in the air at the camp?

  1. When are the men and women split up?

  1. At this point, what is Elie’s main concern?

  1. Why do Elie and his father lie about their ages?

  1. Why do the group of young people decide not to revolt against the Germans?

  1. While waiting in line for the crematory, what does Elie see that horrifies him? This is similar to what story from earlier in the novel?

  1. Instead of burning, Elie considers dying how?

  2. What is the Kaddish? Why isn’t Elie participating in it?

  1. Explain the importance of the following quote: “Never shall I forget…the first night in camp, which has turned my life into one long night…”

  1. What must the prisoners do upon entering the camp?

  1. Elie thinks it is a good idea to appear sturdy and strong. Is he correct?

  1. When do the new prisoners finally get clothes to wear?

  1. Why does Elie fall asleep standing up?

  1. Why doesn’t Elie have to give up his new shoes like everyone else?

  1. At Auschwitz, the prisoners are told that the choice is in their hands. What choice?

  1. What are the first “human words” that Elie and his father hear after arriving at the camp?

  1. Describe the meals served at Auschwitz.

  1. Why are the prisoners tattooed with numbers?

  1. Who come looking for the Wiesels at Auschwitz and why?

  1. What news is the person in #27 given?

  1. Why was the head of Elie’s block dismissed from his job? What do you think happened to him?

  1. Elie does not deny God’s existence, but doubts God’s __________________.

  2. What is the name of the camp they are taken to after Auschwitz? How do they get there? How long does it take?

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