Week Sixteen: Gattaca and Speeches December 17 – 21

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Week Sixteen: Gattaca and Speeches

December 17 – 21

  • Compare / contrast Gattaca and other dystopian fiction

  • Evaluate Gattaca as dystopian fiction

HW: Seminar assignment


Speech Practice!!

HW: Seminar assignment

HW: Speeches due tomorrow!!

  • Research a current issue and develop a related argument

  • Present an argument to the class

HW: Speeches / self-reflection

  • Research a current issue and develop a related argument

  • Present an argument to the class

HW: Self-reflection / all essays due Jan. 2

Gattaca: Viewing Guide

  1. What deception is Vincent (the main character) trying so hard to maintain?

  1. Describe four ways Vincent maintains his genetic masquerade.

  1. What does the term “Valid” mean in Vincent’s society?

  1. Where are the space missions taking supplies and people?

  1. When Vincent was born, what did the nurse immediately do and why?

  1. How are humans “expected” to reproduce?

  1. What motivates the people to use genetic screening?

  2. What is the fundamental difference between Vincent and his brother Anton?

  1. What is Vincent’s career dream?

  1. What physical ailment (99% probability) prevents Vincent from ever legally attaining his dream?

  1. What does Vincent mean when he says, “my real resume was in my cells”?

  1. GATTACA society is divided. What determines social position?

  1. What is Jerome’s problem even though he is one of the genetic elite?

  1. Why does Vincent need Jerome?

  1. What does Vincent have to do to his legs?

  1. Why is Jerome Eugene’s urine sometimes rejected by the machine?

  1. Describe Vincent’s “interview” at the space company.

  1. Why does Vincent have to scrub his body so carefully?

  1. What are the women doing with saliva and hair samples?

  1. What does Irene read on the printout?

  1. What DNA source incriminates Vincent?

  1. Who does the crime investigator turn out to be?

  1. How is Vincent finally exposed at the GATTACA spaceport?

  1. Why does the doctor let him through anyway?

Analysis Questions

  1. What about the name Eugene? (hint: what other biology words start with eu?) Why is this name significant?

  1. After watching this film, how do you think genetic screening today might affect a person’s ability to get a job or get health insurance? Explain.

  1. What tests already exist that make it almost impossible for a person to hide their identity or health condition? Give examples.

  1. How is Eugene like and unlike Winston / Bernard? How is Vincent like and unlike Winston / Bernard?

  1. How is the political atmosphere of GATTACA like and unlike the political atmosphere of 1984 / Brave New World? Of today?

  1. What themes are apparent in GATTACA that connect with the themes of 1984 / Brave New World? Remember, connections can mean that the authors had the same idea about a topic or opposite ideas about a topic!

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