Week of: September 8-12, 2014 Teacher: Kindred Team: U. S. History

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Week of: September 8-12, 2014 Teacher: Kindred Team: U.S. History


Weekly Learning Targets

I can review Gilded Age entrepreneurs and their impact on the American economy.

I can explain why [determine effects] electric power, the telephone, and steel production were important technological innovations.

I can determine the causes of immigration and describe effects of the large number of immigrants.


  1. Do Now- List 2 entrepreneurs of the Gilded Age.

  2. Gilded Age Entrepreneur Notes- Students will take notes to review the contributions of Gilded Age entrepreneurs.

  3. Gilded Age Entrepreneur Video Analysis- Students will analyze 2 video clips highlighting the lives of Andrew Carnegie and Andrew Rockefeller.

  4. Gilded Age Quiz- Students will complete a 15 multiple-choice question quiz. *MINOR GRADE*

Materials: Notes, Video Questions, Quiz

Follow Up/HW:



  1. Do Now- Was John Rockefeller a robber baron or captain of industry? Give 1 reason to support your answer.

  2. Class Discussion: Importance of Technology- Students will list items they see or use every day that involve electricity and/or steel. Students will share out with the class to highlight the importance of Gilded Age inventions.

  1. Cooperative Learning: Gilded Age Technology- Students will read articles on Gilded Age technology, including steel, oil, electricity and communications. Students will complete a sentence stem after they read each article: “________________ discovered/invented ________________ which led to___________________________.” *MINOR GRADE*

Materials: Articles, Question Stem Handout

Follow Up/HW:



  1. Do Now- List one invention of the Gilded Age.

  2. Cooperative Learning: Gilded Age Inventors History Frame- In groups, students will be assigned one Gilded Age inventor. They will complete a history frame emphasizing information about the inventor and their invention. Afterwards, students will complete a gallery walk, taking notes on other groups’ history frames. *DAILY GRADE*

  3. Chalk Talk: Characteristics of the Gilded Age- Students will create their own chart representing characteristics of the Gilded Age. Students will then share their charts and edit their classmates’ work.

Materials: Articles, history frames, poster paper

Follow Up/HW:



  1. Do Now- List one Gilded Age inventor and their invention.

  2. Notes: Immigration in the Gilded Age- Students will take notes over the New Immigrants of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

  3. Document Analysis: Social Issues of the Gilded Age- Students will analyze primary and secondary sources to understand Gilded Age society.

Materials: Notes, documents

Follow Up/HW:

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