Week 5 Weekly Assignment Supplemental Reading: tbd

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Week 5 - Weekly Assignment
Supplemental Reading: TBD.
Also, Refer to Brunner and Tally, page 12-19 for additional information and strategies on how to deal with these complex issues.

Questions and Considerations:

  • What lifestyles, values and points of view are represented in media messages?

  • Consider how adults perceptions and kids perceptions of themselves are shaped by media messages

  • What cumulative portrait do media products construct of modern youth and their values? How realistic or unrealistic do our students think this portrait is?

  • How do you think the kids you know get most of their news? How well do you think they process it?

  • Why is the news media and entertainment media so focused on young people in trouble and how might this in turn shape perceptions and policy-making?

  • How might adults perceive young people, based upon the way they are depicted in local and national news? What effects might these perceptions have upon adult attitudes about youth? How might these perceptions shape public policy in the way adult institutions like the school and the legal systems react to them?

  • Historically, how might the Civil Rights Movement have been covered by conservatives v. liberal media outlets

  • What newsworthy events (historically or more recently) may have been covered differently depending upon who owns the media. Consider the coverage of the Islam religion immediately following September 11th.

  • What strategies can your students employ to “protect” themselves from bias?

Your instructor will post weekly questions that you will be required to respond to.

Weekly Learning Activity:

  • Design a learning activity that introduces your students to the concept that media have values and are biased. Ideas and considerations:

    • Analyze and evaluate media messages for distortion, propaganda, stereotypes, prejudice, bias.

    • Consider examining in further detail the examples used in the weekly content. For instance, track down the news articles in Time and Newsweek of the OJ trial and compare and contrast their coverage.

    • Consider both historical and contemporary examples

    • There are some excellent media activities surrounding the events of September 11th and the media coverage of the multitude of issues (security, freedom of speech, religion). Here’s one example: http://www.mediaworkshop.org/september11/teacher4.html

    • When producing media have students consider their own bias or values

Technological Considerations: print, web, multimedia, video
Provide your learning activity to your learning partner and your instructor.
Don’t forget to participate in the live chat on Thursday.

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