Week 12 Vocabulary Adamant

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Week 12 Vocabulary

  1. Adamant- (adj.) unbreakable due to hardness; unrelenting; unyielding

  2. Antagonize- (verb) to make an enemy of; to oppose or counteract

  3. Archives- (noun) a place where public records or historical documents are kept; the records or documents kept in such a place; v. to keep or store such records

  4. Autocrat- (noun) a ruler with unlimited power; a dictator; a domineering person

  5. Factious-(adj.) causing disunity; dissension, or disputes; quarrelsome

  6. Supplication- (noun) the act of asking humbly and earnestly; a prayer; a petition; an entreaty

  7. Frustrate- (verb) to prevent from accomplishing; to cause feelings of discouragement

  8. Peremptory-(adj.) arrogant; allowing no denial or refusal; absolute

  9. Procrastinate- (verb) to put off until later; to delay without a good reason

  10. Resilient- (adj.) easily springing back to an original form; flexible; recovering quickly; buoyant

Pattern O

S V: S V
She had never forgotten her mother’s advice: You should work hard.

Name: __________________________________ Week 12 Voc. practice

adamant factious frustrate procrastinate autocrat

antagonize supplication resilient peremptory archives

  1. In 1954, the Supreme Court made a ___________________ ruling that segregation in public schools was unconstitutional. The law admitted no exceptions.

  2. Since its founding, the NAACP has been ________________, recovering quickly from defeats as it has steadily worked for equal rights for all.

  3. DuBois criticized Booker T. Washington for supporting segregation. His intention wasn’t to _______________________ Washington, whom he actually admired, but to further the cause of civil rights.

  4. The NAACP didn’t _______________________ in its efforts to end discrimination. The organization’s swift actions helped secure the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

  5. DuBois knew that loud protest, not meek _____________________, was necessary to achieve lasting change.

  6. In 1910, DuBois became the editor of the Crisis. You might find some early issues of the magazine stored away in the _______________________ of your local library.

  7. DuBois embraced the ideal of socialism, a communal form of government in which no single __________________ holds power over the society.

  8. Some of DuBois’s peers may have considered his writing _____________________, yet DuBois strove to unify African Americans, not to cause conflict among them.

  9. DuBois’s opponents, who believed the “separate but equal” policy should remain intact, tried to __________________ his efforts to end segregation.

  10. W.E.B. DuBois was ________________ in his conviction that African Americans should have equal rights under the law; nothing could make him change this opinion.

In the following sentence, identify the subject(s) and verb(s) and correct its punctuation/capitalization following this week’s pattern.
those hanging lamps are the most popular kind they are inexpensive, available in many colors, and easy to install

Key to practice

  1. Peremptory

  2. Resilient

  3. Antagonize

  4. Procrastinate

  5. Supplication

  6. Archives

  7. Autocrat

  8. Factious

  9. Frustrate

  10. Adamant

S-lamp V-are S-they V-are

Those hanging lamps are the most popular kind: They are inexpensive, available in many colors, and easy to install.

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