Wednesday, 3/19: Nationalism ccot work Day hw 5 Settling the Score Due thursday, 3/20

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Unit 6 Assignments (through the Cold War)
Wednesday, 3/19: Nationalism CCOT Work Day
HW #6.5 Settling the Score

Due THURSDAY, 3/20

Prepare for Paris Peace Conference Simulation. Read your assigned materials and prepare a list of demands/what you want out of the conference.

HW #6.6 The Global Depression

Due FRIDAY, 3/21

Read Strayer pp. 990-994. NB: This is a really light night! I encourage you to make a dent in what is going to be an awesome Nationalism CCOT…

HW #6.7 Democracy Denied: Ideologies of the Axis Powers.

Due Monday, 3/24

Read Strayer pp. 994-1003 AND read the “Ideologies of the Axis Power” primary sources. Use the docs and textbook reading to answer the following questions in complete sentences on a separate sheet of paper:

    1. What similar emphases can you find these 3 documents? What differences can you identify? Consider especially the relationship between individual and state.

    2. In what ways did Mussolini, Hitler, and the authors of the Cardinal Principles find fault with mainstream Western societies and their political and social values?

    3. From what economic, social, political conditions did the ideas in these documents arise? Why did they achieve such widespread popularity?

HW #6.8 Nationalism CCOT Essay and Socratic Seminar

Due Tuesday, 3/25
HW #6.9 The Second World War

Due Wednesday, 3/26

Read Strayer pp. 1003-1016, using the margin questions to guide you (pay special attention to the Summing Up So Far question on page 1012). Then, answer the Big Picture Questions on page 1017.

HW #6.10 Russian and Chinese Communist Revolutions Compared, Part 1

Due Friday, 3/28

Read Strayer pp. 1035-1054 and review document studies on 1069-1085. As you read make a chart comparing communism in Russia and China. You can use Key Leaders and SPICE as your categories if you find this helpful.

HW #6.11 Russian and Chinese Communist Revolutions Compared, Part 2

Due Monday, 3/31

Write the Comparison Essay of Russia and China’s Communist Revolutions; you MUST include quotes from the above Strayer pages and document studies. This should be typed and fully written out according to the APWH Comparison Essay Rubric.

HW #6.12 A Global Divide: The Origins of the Cold War

Due Tuesday, 4/1

Read Strayer pp. 1054-1060. Answer the Margin Questions

HW #6.13 Proxy Wars Research Project

Due Friday, 4/4

See separate Assignment Sheet on proxy wars research assignment in Iran, Angola, and Guatemala.

HW #6.14 The Evolution (and End) of Communism

Due Monday, 4/7

Read Strayer pp. 1061-1067

HW #6.15 Review of Period 6 Test

Due Tuesday, 4/8
HW #6.16 Period 6 Objective Test – Counting for MP4

Due Wednesday, 4/9
HW #6.17 Period 6 Compare and Contrast Essay (Effect of World Wars on World Regions) – Counting for MP4

Due Thursday, 4/10
HW #6.18 The Great Departure: Investigating the Twentieth Century

Due Friday, 4/11

Read the chapter by Marks entitled “The Great Departure” and note the following terms/themes: the Great Departure, third world developmentalism, green revolution, consumerism, global free trade, migration, the end of history, the (continuing) gap, the clash of civilizations.

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