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Elizabethan Outdoor Sports

By Jordan Braithwaite

Intro: Elizabethan outdoor sports vary in a range of sports, such as weaponry sports to individual.
Weaponry Sports

Archery- Elizabethan archery was a popular sport in the Elizabethan Era. (Alchin) Archers used two different types of bows, longbow and the crossbow. (Emerson 209) Longbow- a large bow drawn by hand, as that used by English archers from the 12th to 16th centuries. Also there is the crossbow- a medieval weapon consisting of a bow fixed transversely on a stock having a trigger mechanism to release the bowstring, and often incorporating or accompanied by a mechanism for bending the bow.

Hunting- Hunts were the most strenuous forms of hunting, these hunts were meant for fit, young and very active men. (Alchin) Also the men worked in teams, and hunted ferocious wild boars.

Tournaments- Tournaments were also called tourneys. (Alchin) The tournaments included many team sports. (Alchin) Melees featured teams of knights fighting on horseback (jousting) and on foot (sword fighting). (Alchin)

Fencing- A sword was important part of apparel. (Alchin) Fencers were also called nobles. (Alchin) It was important that a noble have adequate skills in order to fence. (Alchin)

Sports similar to today’s

Ballon or windball- This sport is a handball sport. (Emerson 209) The ball was a inflated bladder, similar to today’s football. (Emerson 209)
Bowling or bowls- This sport was played by both boys and girls. (Emerson 209) Also this was played on village greens and also private grounds. (Emerson 209) The greens that played on were always well-tended lawns. (Andrews 140) Unlike some sports all social classes enjoy this one. (Andrews 140) There are two types of bowling; Kayles- players throw wooden stick and wooden pins. Also there is a Loggets- player attempted to knock down a pile of bones with another bone. (Andrews 140) Bowls was also played in teams similar to today’s modern ten pin bowling. (Alchin) Skittles was another name for the modern ten-pin bowling of today. (Alchin)

Tennis- This was popular sport. (Andrews 140) The ball was stuffed with hair. (Andrews 140) Players used their bare hands or with laced gloves. (Andrews 140) When playing tennis the ball was often hit against courtyard walls. (Alchin) The glove used to play was eventually replaced by a racquet. (Alchin) Balls used to play tennis were first made with solid wood then replaced by leather balls stuffed with bran. (Alchin)

Football- Football in the Elizabethan era was shunned by the higher classes. (Andrews 140) The playing field was the pastures between two villages. (Andrews 140) Another name for this sport was called Gameball; gameball was a extremely rough but violent game of football. (Alchin)

Hurling or Shinty- Similar to hockey. (Alchin)

Pall Mall- This sport is an ancestor of croquet. (Alchin)

Rounders- This was a game that used a bat and ball similar to baseball today. (Alchin)

Stoolball- This is and ancestor of cricket. (Alchin)

Colf- Ancestor of golf. (Alchin) The origin of “golf” is believed to be the Dutch word of “colf’ meaning, “club”. (Alchin) The balls were made with a leather casing, made form bulls hide, stuffed with softened goose feathers. (Alchin)

Hammer-throwing- A sport of skill, and strength that took technique to do. (Alchin)

Horseshoes- Players would throw horseshoes at targets. (Alchin)

Battledore and Shuttlecock- These sports were both team sports, and also ancestors of modern badminton. (Alchin)
Wrestling- A particularly rough and violent version of the modern day sport. (Alchin)

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