We Have the Book 4 Criterion of God’s True and Real Revelation 6

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New International Version (2011)

Published: 2011

Reading Level: 8th Grade

Translators: Evangelical, slightly conservative

The Goods: This is a rebranding and slight revision of the TNIV and calling it the NIV. It is not quite as far on the left in gender issues, and has the positives of the TNIV.

The Not-So-Goods: The publishers of the NIV2011 seem to think that they know better than God on gender, and are now going to tell the NIV readers that they have to buy the new one or else switch to another translation since the NIV84 is being replaced. Many confessional Christians have done exactly that, and the NKJV, ESV and HCSB will reap the benefits..

God's Name: LORD

Deity Pronouns: Not capitalized

Deity of Christ: Strong


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