Ways of Russian Theology

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Ways of

Russian Theology

Fr. George Florovsky


Ways of

Russian Theology

Fr. George Florovsky

Editor's Preface.

Translator's Note.

Author's Preface.

1. The Crisis of Russian Byzantinism.

The Pagan Era.

The Baptism of Rus'.

Second “South Slavic” Influence

Eremitical Renaissance Ivan III and the West.

The Judaizers.

Josephites, Transvolgan Elders and Maxim The Greek.

Metropolitan Makarii and the Council of a Hundred Chapters.

2. Encounter With the West.

Orthodoxy in West Russia.

Artemii and Kurbskii.

The Ostrog Circle and Bible.

Konstantin Ostrozhskii.

The Union of Brest; “Brotherhoods”; the Kiev Monastery of the Caves.


Metropolitan Peter Mogila of Kiev.

The Orthodox Confession.

The Kiev Academy.

The “Pseudomorphosis” of Orthodox Thought.

3. The Contradictions

of the Seventeenth Century.


Correction of Books.

Patriarch Nikon.

The Schism.

Kievan Learning in Muscovy.


4. The St. Petersburg Revoltuion.

The Character of the Petrine Reforms.

The Ecclesiastical Schools of the Eighteenth Century.

Protestant Scholasticism .

Russian Freemasonry.

The Reawakening of Russian Monasticism.

The Russian Bible Society.

5. Struggle for Theology.


Alexander I; Prince A.N. Golitsyn; The Coming of Pietism.

The Revival of Russian Freemasonry.

Reform of the Ecclesiastical Schools, 1805-1814.

The Russian Bible Society.

Translation of the Russian Bible.

Return to Scholasticism.

Metropolitan Filaret of Moscow.

Theology in the Reformed Ecclesiastical Schools.

The Moral-Rationalistic School.

Church and State Under Nicholas I.



Notes to Chapter I.

Notes to Chapter II.

Notes to Chapter III.

Notes to Chapter IV.

Notes to Chapter V.

About the Author.

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