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§5. Removal of vessels obstructing anchorage

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§5. Removal of vessels obstructing anchorage

A harbor master, upon receiving complaint from the master, owner or agent of any vessel, shall cause any other vessel or vessels obstructing the free movement or safe anchorage of that vessel to remove to a position to be designated by the harbor master and shall cause, without any complaint being made to the harbor master, any vessels anchoring within the channel lines as established by the municipal authorities, as provided in section 2, to remove to such anchorage as the harbor master may designate. [PL 1987, c. 655, §4 (AMD).]

If that vessel has no crew on board or if the master or other person in charge neglects or refuses to move such vessel as directed by the harbor master, the harbor master may put a suitable crew on board and move that vessel to a suitable berth at a wharf or anchorage at the cost and risk of the owners of the vessel and shall charge $100, to be paid by the master or owner of that vessel, which charge, together with the cost of the crew for removing that vessel the harbor master may collect by civil action. [PL 1987, c. 412, §§ 5, 8 (RPR).]


PL 1977, c. 696, §331 (AMD). PL 1987, c. 412, §§5,8 (RPR). PL 1987, c. 655, §4 (AMD).

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