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§90. Duties of commission

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§90. Duties of commission

1. Duties. The commission shall perform the duties set forth and such other duties as may be provided by law:

A. Make, establish and enforce such rules and regulations not inconsistent with law that are binding upon all pilots licensed by the commission, and upon all parties employing such pilots; [PL 1999, c. 355, §10 (AMD).]

B. Make and establish rates of pilotage for those vessels that are subject to this subchapter; [PL 1999, c. 355, §10 (AMD).]

C. Establish and determine the qualifications of any person applying for a pilot's license and conduct examinations; [PL 1969, c. 410, §1 (NEW).]

D. Issue any pilot's license in accordance with this subchapter and initiate proceedings to suspend or revoke these licenses; [PL 1999, c. 355, §11 (AMD).]

E. Cause the laws, rules and regulations concerning pilots and pilotage matters to be fully observed and executed; [PL 1969, c. 410, §1 (NEW).]

F. Hear and decide complaints made in writing or initiated on its own motion against any pilot for any misbehavior, neglect of, or breach of rules or regulations that it determines material to be investigated; [PL 1999, c. 355, §12 (AMD).]

G. Hear and decide complaints made in writing by any pilot against any charterer, owner, agent, master or seaman of a vessel for any misbehavior toward such pilot in the performance of his duty, or any breach of the rules and regulations; [PL 1969, c. 410, §1 (NEW).]

H. [PL 1991, c. 837, Pt. A, §79 (RP).]

I. To do all other things reasonable, necessary and expedient to insure proper and safe pilotage and to facilitate the efficient administration of this subchapter. [PL 1999, c. 355, §12 (AMD).]

[PL 1999, c. 355, §§10-12 (AMD).]


PL 1969, c. 410, §1 (NEW). PL 1977, c. 694, §747 (AMD). PL 1985, c. 389, §37 (AMD). PL 1991, c. 837, §A79 (AMD). PL 1999, c. 355, §§10-12 (AMD).

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