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§41. Election; qualifications; term; removal; vacancies; records

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§41. Election; qualifications; term; removal; vacancies; records

Port wardens shall be elected in any city or town situated on navigable waters upon the petition of 10 or more citizens engaged in commercial pursuits therein.

If in such city or town there is a board of trade duly incorporated, said board shall annually elect the port warden. Otherwise the municipal officers thereof shall annually elect him.

Port wardens shall be men of commercial or nautical experience and shall hold office one year from each election and until others are qualified in their stead, except when removed for cause or when elected to serve out an unexpired term. They shall be sworn faithfully to perform their duties.

Said boards of trade, by their managers, or said municipal officers shall forthwith on complaint of any person aggrieved, after hearing, remove for cause any port warden by them elected, and all vacancies shall be filled by said authorities.

Port wardens shall make a record of their doings and keep the same in their office for inspection at any time, free of charge, by any person interested therein.

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