Watergate: Nixon’s Downfall An Imperial Presidency

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Watergate Scandal- The burglary of the Democratic National Committee Headquarters by the Committee to Reelect the President and the cover-up by President Nixon and his advisors

The Cover-up Unravels

  • In January 1973, the trial of the Watergate burglars began and trial’s judge, John Sirica, believed that the men had not acted alone

  • James McCord sent a letter to Sirica, in which he indicated that he had lied under oath and hinted that powerful members of the Nixon administration had been involved

  • On April 30, 1973, Nixon announced dismissed John Dean and announced the resignations of Haldeman, Ehrlichman, and Attorney General Richard Kleindienst

  • The President went on television and denied any attempt at a cover-up and appointed new attorney general Elliot Richardson to investigate Watergate

  • In May 1973, the Senate began its own investigation of Watergate despite Nixon’s new decisions

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