Water Pollution Unequal Distribution of Water

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Unequal Distribution of Water

(providing water for crops)

Water pollution affects irrigation because….

if the water is polluted, the crops are getting dirty water, and the crops will not be clean or healthy. People can get sick from eating the crops being watered by polluted water.

The Aswan High Dam allows farmers to irrigate and grow crops three times a year using water from the Nile River. The Congo River and Niger River gives water to the towns and villages around the river for irrigation, BUT they have to be around the river to have access to the water.

(buying and selling goods and services)

The Niger River is used to transport oil and oil ships have been known to run aground and leak oil into the river. The Nile River is used to transport goods and the boats and their engines pollute those waters.

Access to waterways makes trade easier by allowing the goods to be transported over the water. Those areas without access to water must transport goods over the land which takes longer and takes more energy as well.

(businesses, the act of making goods to sell)

Industrial waste that is dumped into the Nile, the Congo and the Niger rivers are polluting the waters on a daily basis. Levels are proving toxic to those that drink it.

Industry must have water to function. Those areas with access to water, the countries that have direct access to the Nile, the Congo and the Niger rivers, are richer than their neighboring countries because they have easier access to the water needed to grow industry. The Aswan High Dam also allows the industries of Egypt to prosper by providing hydroelectric power for the surrounding areas.

Drinking Water
(water used to drink and cook)

The human and industrial wastes that are polluting The Nile River, The Congo River and The Niger River are making the drinking water toxic to those that drink it.

Those countries that do not have access to a fresh water source have trouble finding fresh water to drink and cook with.

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