Water and Cultural Diversity

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Water and Cultural Diversity

Third World Water Forum, 16-17 March 2003, Kyoto, Japan

From Porto Alegre to Kyoto: Alternatives from the

Indigenous and Cultural Diversity Perspective

Pablo SOLON, Bolivia

The presentation will focus on the alternatives and proposals from the indigenous perspective. The issues that will be pointed are:

  1. What do we understand by indigenous people? Who are the non-indigenous people?

  1. The Indigenous water vision and the world water vision approved in The Hague. What should be change and improved in order to have a cultural diversity perspective: (Agriculture, GMO’s, investments, participation, etc.)

  1. What do Indigenous people expect from the 3 World Water Forum. The conclusions of the indigenous delegates discussion in the World Social Forum. (In the WSF in Porto Alegre there will be several meetings including the World Peasant Assembly that will discuss our position in relation to water and the 3WWF)

VIDEO: “The blood of the mother earth”

The video will focus on the concrete problems that confront indigenous people in South America and will have the following structure:

  1. Introduction in relation to how was the water management during the Incas and how it is now in the indigenous communities. (3 minutes)

  2. Conflicts with recent legislation: The Mapuches and Cochabamba cases: How the Chilean and Bolivian Water Laws have affected their life’s and provoked conflict. (4 minutes)

  3. Conflicts with other Stakeholders: Mining, electrical, oil companies and urban cities. (3,5 minutes)

  4. Conflicts with free trade agreements and bilateral agreements: Water exportation from Bolivia to Chile and the conflict of the River Maurie between Bolivia and Peru. (4 minutes)

  5. Closing speech (0,5 minutes)

Pablo Solon (Bolivia) is a Sociologist, economist and film producer. Director of the Solon Foundation that is an active part of the CGIAB (The Commission for Integral Water management of Bolivia) and the Technical Coalition for Water that supports indigenous and peasant organizations in Bolivia. Solon has participated in the modification of the drinking water law in Bolivia and the complete modification of the water exportation law. Author of several publications in relation to water and indigenous rights compiled in the series TUNUPA and TODO SOBRE EL AGUA (“Everything about Water”).

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