Was it ethical (reasonable, logically justifiable) to drop the bombs?

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Was it ethical (reasonable, logically justifiable) to drop the bombs?

If Japan was truly unwilling to surrender, as I have heard that Japan had started making “quiet” inquires regarding surrender via third parties before the bombings, the two nuclear bombs causing some 220,000 deaths are ethical in light of the more than 1,000,000 Allied casualties, never mind Japanese casualties, expected from the invasion of the Japanese mainland. If you will, the sacrifice a few to save many.

One might argue that the US should have demonstrated the bomb’s power on forewarned, and hence evacuated, Japanese city as a test case – unfortunately the reality of war do not permit such a demonstration. Yet, a demonstration performed with the first atomic bomb. That demonstration was not enough to induce Japan to surrender and Nagasaki suffered from a second atomic bomb.

A more interesting question is “Were the nuclear bombings more ethical than the fire bombings that preceded the nuclear bombs.” Provided the bombings, be them nuclear or fire, were necessary, I believe the nuclear bombs, despite their horror brought on by the unknown, are preferred to fire bombings. The instantaneous death or relatively quick death of radiation poison is more humane than the suffocation or incineration of a firestorm or the burns that come with a firestorm.

All recorded history occupies the last 10 seconds of December 31st. React to this.

My first reaction is what a human-centric statement this is. Geologists routinely use the geological record going back some 4.6 billion years. Perhaps layers of sentiment are not considered enough of a recorded history. Consider fossils that are imprinted, that is recorded, history that appeared on 9 October.

But as last ten seconds are asked for and ignoring the European cave paintings that arrived 110 seconds before, my reaction is that of when I look out into the stars or realize that Sol is going to supernova in a couple of billion years wiping out life as we know it on this planet. So the financial markets are down some 28% in the past two months and I may lose my house because of it? So I may or may not be accepted into Physician Assistant school? Does any of what I do matter in the end? Particularly considering as by opting not to have children, I will not continue my DNA into the future.

In the end, we are all dust in the wind.

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