Was Abraham Lincoln a racist?

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Was Abraham Lincoln a racist?

We have talked about how Abraham Lincoln’s priorities going into his presidency. He did, however, go on to ban slavery in all parts of the country. The question you will be trying to answer throughout the process of this debate is, “Was Abraham Lincoln a racist?” When answering this question, each person in your group needs to cite his or her own evidence to defend the points your group makes. Each person will write a paragraph and will need to be able to speak for at least 30 seconds about the side you are given. There will be an option for two members of your team to engage in a rebuttal situation, so those two individuals will also need to research the other side of the argument to come up with some possible counter-arguments. Each side will have the chance to ask the other side question so make sure you are as thorough as possible in your research.

Good (9-10 points)

Average (6-8 points)

Below Average (0-5 points)

Time Requirement

The speaker meets or exceeds the 30 second time requirement

The speaker is 5-10 seconds short of the requirement.

The speaker is under 20 seconds long for the required time for the speech.

Paragraph Content

The content of the paragraph is original and looks at one major issue or quote in detail.

The content of the paragraph is very similar to other members in the group and does not focus on one thing in particular.

The content of the paragraph is lacking. The author does not even have the required 5-7 sentences.

Paragraph Conventions

The author has obviously proofread and there are no errors in spelling, capitalization, or punctuation. There are no fragments or run-ons.

The author has 1-3 grammatical errors

The author has over three grammatical errors and has obviously not spent a lot of time proofreading.


The student works well with the group and does the research required instead of expecting someone else to the research for him or her

The student has used some of the class time wisely, but was off-task at times.

The student did not use class time wisely or relied completely on others for research assistance.

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