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War fiction and non-fiction 2

Talking Books

The titles in this booklist are just a selection of the titles available for loan from the RNIB National Library Talking Book Service.

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Great soldiers' tales. 1991. Read by Garard Green, 9 hours 26 minutes. TB 9739.

All the heroism, sacrifice and humour of the soldier at war, captured in a superb collection of short stories with a wartime theme. Contributors include C. S. Forester, Leo Tolstoy, Kipling and Monsarrat. TB 9739.

Wave me goodbye: stories of the Second World War. 1988. Read by Carol Marsh, 12 hours 43 minutes. TB 7599.

This collection of 28 short stories of the 2nd World War, by leading authors, is a moving evocation of every aspect of life on the home front during wartime. Full of courage and compassionate observation, this compilation focuses on the heroism of the women who "did their bit" for the war effort at home. TB 7599.

Alexander, Peter

Ryfka. 1988. Read by Robert Ashby, 9 hours 44 minutes. TB 7617.

Based on real-life events during the Second World War, this exciting novel tells a dramatic story of a chase across occupied France to find a high-ranking RAF Officer who has been shot down and who has information which can imperil the planned Allied invasion. The order is to bring back or eliminate, by decree of SOE. TB 7617.

Allbeury, Ted

The lonely margins. 1995. Read by David Thorpe, 6 hours 51 minutes. TB 10818.

To live in the shadowland of espionage, where the only certainties are death and deceit is to live on the lonely margins. James Harmer and Jane Frazer, brought together by the French Resistance and broken apart by the Gestapo, are haunted by a sense of betrayal and a thirst for revenge. TB 10818.

Andrews, Lucilla

Front line 1940. 1993. Read by Gretel Davis, 11 hours 42 minutes. TB 10085.

London, September 1940. As the Battle of Britain rages overhead, Ann Marlowe, young staff nurse at St Martha's Hospital, battles to save the lives of wounded airmen, who are being admitted faster than she can hope to treat them. American war correspondent, Josh Adams is caught in St Martha's during London's first daytime bomb raid. What he sees dispels his professional detachment for ever, for nowhere is the indomitable spirit of the people more apparent. As the capital faces the fury of the blitz, Josh's admiration turns to love, but he cannot persuade Ann to leave, even when St Martha's is razed to the ground. TB 10085.

Auchincloss, Louis

Watchfires. 1982. Read by James Tillitt, 10 hours 36 minutes. TB 5147.

Political differences and general dissatisfaction with their marriage cause a rift between complacent New York lawyer, Dexter Fairchild and his fiercely abolitionist wife, Rosalie on the eve of the American Civil War - the watchfires of the title are those in the battle hymn of John Brown. The war is to change the lives of both. TB 5147.

Banks, Lynne Reid

Casualties. 1986. Read by Pauline Munro, 8 hours 49 minutes. TB 6666.

A week's holiday in Holland with an old friend she has not seen for 20 years seems a good idea to Sue McClusky: she senses that Mariolain wants to unburden herself of her marriage problems, and as Sue and her husband, Cal, are on the rocks also, she feels it could be useful. But Mariolain and her husband, Niels, are both unwounded casualties of the Second World War, she from the German occupation of Holland in 1940, whilst he had been in Indonesia when the Japanese invaded... TB 6666.

Barker, Pat

Double vision. 2003. Read by Robert Glenister, 8 hours 17 minutes. TB 15378.

Stephen Sharkey and Ben Frobisher, journalist and photographer respectively, are regularly faced with the reality of war. After Ben dies on assignment in Afghanistan, Stephen embarks on a book about the images of war - a book that will be based largely on Ben's work. But the demands of the present - recurring nightmares of his time in Sarajevo, an affair with a woman twenty years his junior, and a sudden emergency in the shape of masked intruders - are turning Stephen's life into a war zone and threatening his peace of mind. Contains violence. TB 15378.

Barry, Sebastian

A long long way. 2005. Read by John Cormack, 9 hours 20 minutes. TB 14367.

A long long way evokes the camaraderie and humour of Willie and his regiment, the Royal Dublin Fusiliers, but also the cruelty and sadness of war, and the divided loyalties that many Irish soldiers felt. Tracing their experiences through the course of the war, the narrative brilliantly explores and dramatises the events of the Easter Rising within Ireland, and how such a seminal political moment came to affect those boys off fighting for the King of England on foreign fields - the paralysing doubts and divisions it caused them. Contains strong language. TB 14367.

Bates, H E

The purple plain. 1947. Read by Franklin Engelmann, 8 hours 21 minutes. TB 1090.

The story of a young British pilot in Burma, and of the Burmese girl whose love inspired him to live. TB 1090.

Bingham, Charlotte

The chestnut tree. 2002. Read by Judy Bennett, 10 hours 35 minutes. TB 14819.

Bexham; book 1. 1939, and the residents of Bexham are preparing for war. Beautiful Judy Melton, social butterfly Meggie Gore-Stewart, Mathilda Eastcott, and Rusty Todd, tomboy daughter of the local boatyard owner, are all determined to be active while their men are away fighting. But knitting socks and dodging bombs are not what they have in mind. Meeting under the chestnut tree on the green, the women look over the landscape they have helped to alter. They too have changed, and yet, as the men return, they are expected to play "mother", "daughter", "grandmother" once again. TB 14819.

Blake, Sarah

The postmistress. 2011. Read by Lorelei King, 9 hours 57 minutes. TB 18622.

It is 1940, and bombs fall nightly on London. In the thick of the chaos is young American radio reporter Frankie Bard. She huddles close to terrified strangers in underground shelters, and later broadcasts stories about survivors in rubble-strewn streets. But for her listeners, the war is far from home. Listening to Frankie are Iris James, a Cape Cod postmistress, and Emma Fitch, a doctor's wife. Iris hears the winds stirring and knows that soon the letters she delivers will bear messages of hope or tragedy. Emma is desperate for news of London, where her husband is working - she counts the days until his return. But one night in London the fates of all three women entwine when Frankie finds a letter - a letter she vows to deliver. TB 18622.

Burgh, Anita

Clare's war. Read by Jilly Bond, 15 hours 13 minutes. TB 13108.

1938: At seventeen Clare Springer is sent to Paris to complete her education. Relishing freedom, she's too busy to notice the onset of war. France is invaded and Clare is trapped, though happy to be so when her French lover Fabien is reported missing. She is determined to find him. Yet despite her wish not to become involved, Clare is sucked into the chaos and suffering around her, for how can she not help this country and people she has come to love? TB 13108.

Collins, Norman

London belongs to me. 1945. Read by Robert Gladwell, 30 hours 45 minutes. TB 1961.

A realistic novel of London people in wartime, especially the inhabitants of one particular boarding house. TB 1961.

Cook, Gloria

Touch the silence. 2003. Read by Daniel Philpott, 10 hours 33 minutes. TB 14241.

It is 1917 and the First World War is casting its shadow over the Harvey family of Ford Farm. One brother has been killed, Tristan is at the Front and Ben is desperate to go but is declared unfit. Tensions mount as he is forced to stay at home with older brother, Alec, who has secrets of his own. TB 14241.

Cornwell, Bernard

Sharpe's Christmas: two short stories. 2003. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 3 hours 32 minutes. TB 15016.

Sharpe's Christmas contains two short stories, Sharpe's Christmas and Sharpe's Ransom. Sharpe's Christmas is set in 1813, towards the end of the Peninsular War and falls after Sharpe's Regiment (book 17, TB 10728). Sharpe's Ransom comes after Sharpe's Waterloo (book 20, TB 11396), is set in peacetime and provides a glimpse of Sharpe's life in Normandy with Lucille. TB 15016.

Cornwell, Bernard

Azincourt. 2009. Read by Damien Goodwin, 13 hours 45 minutes. TB 16640.

Agincourt, fought on October 25th 1415, on St Crispin's Day, is one of the best known battles, in part through the brilliant depiction of it in Shakespeare's Henry V, in part because it was a brilliant and unexpected English victory and in part because it was the first battle won by the use of the longbow - a weapon developed by the English which enabled them to dominate the European battlefields for the rest of the century. Bernard Cornwell's Azincourt is an account of this momentous battle and its aftermath. From the varying viewpoints of nobles, peasants, archers, and horsemen, Azincourt skilfully brings to life the hours of relentless fighting, the desperation of an army crippled by disease and the exceptional bravery of the English soldiers. TB 16640.

Crisp, N J

Yesterday's gone. 1983. Read by Bruce Montague, 12 hours 22 minutes. TB 6443.

The log book which belonged to Squadron Leader David Kirby, DSO, DFC, is still in existence, a relic of a forgotten era. There are 29 operations recorded. 28 are against familiar targets; Stettin, Berlin, Hamburg, but the final raid is against a target so secret at the time that it is scarcely appears in histories of the air war, its tragedy virtually ignored. TB 6443.

Davies, Peter Ho

The Welsh girl. 2007. Read by Charlotte Stevens, 12 hours 2 minutes. TB 15662.

It is Wales 1944 and Captain Rotheram, a Jewish refugee working for British Intelligence, arrives to interrogate the infamous captive, Rudolf Hess. In a prison camp near a remote Snowdonian village, a young German soldier wrestles with the shame of his surrender. And among the curious locals is seventeen-year-old Esther Evans, who longs to experience the wider world. When their paths connect, all three will come to question their deepest loyalties, as the war irrevocably alters the course of their lives. Contains strong language. TB 15662.

Delderfield, R F

The Avenue goes to war. 1958. Read by Stephen Jack, 22 hours 30 minutes. TB 118.

The Avenue Story; book 2. Sequel to: The dreaming suburb, TB 108. War has overtaken the families in the Avenue, and we see how its privations bring out the best and the worst in them. TB 118.

Deighton, Len

Goodbye Mickey Mouse. 1982. Read by Ian Craig, 13 hours 41 minutes. TB 4622.

A group of young fighter pilots wait for their orders on an American airbase in East Anglia. It is the penultimate winter of the war and the war is seen through the eyes of Captain James Farebrother, his friend, the tough, ambitious Mickey Mouse and many other equally different characters. TB 4622.

Dobbs, Michael

Winston's war. Read by Terry Wale, 19 hours 33 minutes. TB 13840.

Winston Churchill; book 1. Saturday 1 October, 1938. Two men meet. One is elderly, the other in his twenties. One will become the most revered man of his time, and the other known as the greatest of traitors. Winston Churchill met BBC journalist Guy Burgess at a moment when the world was about to explode. The encounter was the first of the extraordinary events that propelled Churchill from the lowest point of his career to Downing Street, changing the course of the Second World War. In contrast, the man who played a part in Churchill's return would later be revealed as a Soviet spy. TB 13840.

Dorfman, Ariel

Widows. 1983. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 5 hours 19 minutes. TB 5233.

The setting for this story is Nazi-occupied Greece in 1941-42, but it could belong equally to El Salvador or Chile or any other oppressive military dictatorship, for it is about the horror of being "disappeared". When the men are taken from a patriarchal society, the women must find strength in each other. Their courage, and their insistence on knowing who is alive and who is dead, is a compelling indictment of the cruelty and indifference of such regimes. TB 5233.

Elgin, Elizabeth

Whisper on the wind. 1992. Read by Diana Bishop, 20 hours 1 minute. TB 10117.

World War Two. Against the express wishes of her absent husband Barney, Kath joins up as a land girl and moves from Birmingham to work on Mat Ramsden's farm in the Yorkshire countryside. Next door the Fairchild estate has been harnessed for the war effort. Roz, exempted from call-up to work on the land, has something to hide from her grandmother, who has secrets of her own. A moving story of women caught in the emotional crossfire of war. TB 10117.

Fallada, Hans

Alone in Berlin. 2009. Read by Steve Hodson, 25 hours 46 minutes. TB 17820.

Berlin, 1940, and the city is filled with fear. At the house on 55 Jablonski Strasse, its various occupants try to live under Nazi rule in their different ways: the nervous Frau Rosenthal, the bullying Hitler loyalists the Persickes, the retired judge Fromm and the unassuming working-class couple Otto and Anna Quangel. Then the Quangels receive the devastating news that their beloved son has been killed fighting in France. Shocked out of his quiet existence, the usually taciturn factory foreman Otto is provoked into an action that will endanger both his and Anna's life. TB 17820.

Farrell, J G

The siege of Krishnapur: a novel. 1973. Read by Garard Green, 15 hours 45 minutes. TB 2503.

Boredom at Krishnapur, a remote town on the vast plains of Northern India, gives way to panic and violence when the spring of 1857 finds India on the brink of mutiny. This book was the Booker Prize winner in 1973. TB 2503.

Faulks, Sebastian

Charlotte Gray. 1998. Read by Jamie Glover, 16 hours 47 minutes. TB 12560.

A young woman travels to occupied France in 1942, both to carry out a mission for British Intelligence and to search for her lover, an English airman who is missing in action. Once there she witnesses the horror of French collusion with the Nazis and also the tremendous courage of the Resistance. TB 12560.

Follett, James

A cage of eagles. 1990. Read by Richard Owens, 7 hours 14 minutes. TB 8311.

The locals call it "Hush, Hush Hall". The British Army calls it No. 1 POW Camp (Officers), Grizedale Hall. British intelligence calls it the Cage of Eagles. The Hall is the biggest concentration of German prisoner-of-war talent in wartime Britain. U-boat ace Otto Kruger, the senior German officer, turns the camp into a clearing house for sending vital intelligence back to the Fatherland. TB 8311.

Follett, Ken

Jackdaws. Read by Jilly Bond, 12 hours 50 minutes. TB 13907.

Two weeks before D-Day, the French Resistance attack a chateau containing a telephone exchange vital to German communications but the building is heavily guarded and the attack fails disastrously. Flick Clairet, a young British secret agent, proposes a daring new plan: she will parachute into France with an all-woman team known as the Jackdaws and they will penetrate the chateau in disguise. But, unknown to Flick, Rommel has assigned a brilliant, ruthless Intelligence colonel, Dieter Franck, and he's on Flicks trail. Contains strong language. TB 13907.

Forbes, Colin

Tramp in armour. 1969. Read by Sean Barrett, 9 hours 40 minutes. TB 9448.

It is May 1940 and the invading German forces are pouring through Northern France. Only the British Expeditionary Force stands between the enemy and the coast. TB 9448.

Forester, C S

Gold from Crete: short stories. 1971. Read by Michael de Morgan, 7 hours 12 minutes. TB 1642.

Collected stories about the war at sea against the German navy. TB 1642.

Frizell, Bernard

Timetable for the general. 1972. Read by Robert Gladwell, 10 hours 45 minutes. TB 2093.

A fictional account of an actual escape by a top French general from the fortress where he was imprisoned in the Second World War. TB 2093.

Francis, Clare

Night sky. 1983. Read by Judy Franklin, 24 hours 48 minutes. TB 5090.

This wartime story binds the fate of three characters: Julie Lescaux, a young Englishwoman exiled in France who helps smuggle Allied servicemen out of occupied France across the Channel; the collaborator Paul Vasson, flourishing in war as he never did in peace; and the scientist David Freymann, caught up in the Holocaust and losing everything except his faith in his own discovery and the will to survive. TB 5090.

Furst, Alan

Dark voyage. 2005. Read by Stephen Thorne, 9 hours 18 minutes. TB 14508.

Tangier, 1941 - for Eric DeHaan, captain of the Dutch tramp freighter Noordenam, life at sea has always been his great, but not his only, love affair. Recruited by Dutch navel intelligence while in the port of Tangier, DeHaan steers his ship, disguised as a neutral Spanish freighter, through a series of secret missions for British naval interests. TB 14508.

Gale, Iain

Alamein. 2010. Read by Eamonn Riley, 11 hours 18 minutes. TB 18317.

In October 1942, Britain and its allies were in difficulties: Germany and its partners seemed to be triumphant everywhere - in Europe, in Russia, in the Atlantic and were now poised to take the Suez Canal. It was in North Africa that the stand was made. It was a battle of strong characters: the famous battle commander Rommel and the relatively untested new British commander, Montgomery, leading men who fought through an extraordinary eleven day battle, in an unforgiving terrain, amid the swirling sandstorms and the desert winds. TB 18317.

Gilbert, Michael

Death in captivity. 1952. Read by Garard Green, 7 hours 30 minutes. TB 254.

Allied prisoners in an Italian P.O.W. camp trying various methods of escape suspect that there is a traitor in their midst. TB 254.

Harry, Lilian

Goodbye sweetheart. 1995. Read by Rachel Atkins, 13 hours 24 minutes. TB 11619.

April grove series; book 1. From the outbreak of World War II to the evacuation of Dunkirk, this book follows the fortunes of the people who live in a working class street in Portsmouth. The joys, sorrows and friendships of April Grove are played out against the backdrop of a seaport arming for war. TB 11619.

Hassel, Sven

Legion of the damned. 2004. Read by Daniel Philpott, 9 hours 10 minutes. TB 17621.

This novel is based on the author's experiences in the Germany army. Convicted of deserting the Germany army, Sven Hassel is sent to a punishment regiment on the Russian front. He and his comrades are regarded as expendable, cannon fodder for Hitler's war. Outnumbered and outgunned on the frozen steppe, they fight for survival against the implacable Red Army. TB 17621.

Hemingway, Ernest

A farewell to arms. 1929. Read by Peter Reynolds, 11 hours. TB 413.

Set in Italy in 1917, this story portrays the love of an English Nurse and an American soldier and their desperate attempt to find happiness in spite of the war. TB 413.

Henriques, Robert

The Commander: an autobiographical novel of 1940-1941. 1967. Read by David Broomfield, 11 hours 5 minutes. TB 392.

Portrait of ex-regular officer, recalled to duty at the outbreak of the war, who is beset by inner uncertainty, but equal to rising to great heights of courage. TB 392.

Hewison, William

Mindfire. 1973. Read by Robert Gladwell, 7 hours 45 minutes. TB 2393.

The theme of this novel is war, and the reactions of its characters to the violence and futility of it. TB 2393.

Higgins, Jack

Flight of Eagles. 1998. Read by Patrick Romer, 10 hours 50 minutes. TB 11830.

Cold Harbour is a tiny Cornish fishing port, a place which was home to the Allies' most daring undercover operations during the Second World War. In 1997, a wealthy novelist, his wife and their pilot are forced to ditch in the English Channel. Saved by an alert lifeboat crew, they are returned to land at Cold Harbour. But it is the rediscovery of a fighter pilot's lucky mascot - unseen for half a century - that excites the greatest interest at the disused airbase. TB 11830.

Hill, Reginald

The collaborators. 2006. Read by Michael Tudor Barnes, 15 hours 41 minutes. TB 14896.

Paris, 1945. Janine Simonian stands accused of supplying information to the Nazi occupying forces that led to the arrest and torture of several members of the French Resistance - and the brutal murder of her own husband. Contains strong language. TB 14896.

Hislop, Victoria

The return. 2009. Read by Ginita Jimenez, 16 hours 5 minutes. TB 16653.

Beneath the majestic towers of the Alhambra, Granada's cobbled streets resonate with music and secrets. Sonia Cameron knows nothing of the city's shocking past; she is here to dance. But in a quiet cafe, a chance conversation and an intriguing collection of old photographs draw her into the extraordinary tale of Spain's devastating civil war. Seventy years earlier, the cafe is home to the close-knit Ramirez family. In 1936, an army coup led by Franco shatters the country's fragile peace, and in the heart of Granada the family witnesses the worst atrocities of conflict. Divided by politics and tragedy, everyone must take a side, fighting a personal battle as Spain rips itself apart. Contains strong language. TB 16653.

Hitchcock, Raymond

The tunnellers. 1986. Read by Robin Browne, 8 hours 36 minutes. TB 6570.

It is 1917 and 90 feet below the German trenches on the Messines Ridge two young sappers are guarding 60,000 pounds of ammonal destined to blow the Hun sky high. In foul darkness Clem and Will talk about their life in their Somerset village and especially about Alice, the auburn-haired maid at the Hall. A giant explosion wrecks their tunnel leaving the two men on opposite sides of the blockage - a story that spares none of the obscene horrors of war. TB 6570.

Holt, Tim

Lucia in wartime. 1985. Read by Gwen Cherrell, 8 hours 15 minutes. TB 6773.

It is 1939. War threatens Europe and although troops are stationed near Tilling and rationing leads to queues in the High Street, it has to be admitted that the hostilities that occupy the attention of Lucia and Georgie are with Elizabeth Mapp-Flint rather than with the enemy across the channel. Faced with Elizabeth's elevation to the head of the Tilling Red Cross and Major Benjy's leadership of the Home Guard, Lucia feels her star has fallen. But not for long. TB 6773.

Holtby, Winifred

The land of green ginger. 1983. Read by Elizabeth Proud, 10 hours 24 minutes. TB 5570.

Virago modern classics. Joanna Burton, a missionary's daughter, grows up dreaming of the far-off lands she will visit. Her romantic love of adventure matches a golden man on his way to the trenches of the First World War, but life on a Yorkshire farm in wartime makes harsh reality of the magic lands of the green ginger. TB 5570.

Jackson, Robert

Desert commando. 1986. Read by Robert Gladwell, 7 hours 20 minutes. TB 7692.

It is the autumn of 1942. At El Alamein, General Montgomery's Eighth Army is preparing for the big push that will drive Rommel's Africa Corps back through the Libyan Desert. But a vital initial task has to be undertaken: the destruction of Rommel's communications and supply dumps far behind the enemy lines. The mission is entrusted to two elite forces, the Long Range Desert Group and the Special Air Service. But the route to Tunis is hampered by betrayal ... TB 7692.

James, Harold

Tales of the Gurkhas. 1991. Read by Garard Green, 5 hours 2 minutes. TB 9178.

A series of stories about a fictitious Gurkha regiment ranging from the nineteenth century to the Second World War. TB 9178.

Jones, Tristan

Dutch treat: a novel of World War II. 1980. Read by Andrew Timothy, 10 hours 49 minutes. TB 4437.

May 1940 and the German Panzers are tearing across Europe. Plans are made to evacuate the Dutch Royal family - and their diamonds - to set up a government in exile. The team carrying out this dangerous mission arrive in Amsterdam as the first German tanks roll in. TB 4437.

Joseph, Michael Kennedy

A soldier's tale. 1976. Read by George Hagan, 4 hours 26 minutes. TB 2989.

During the war Saul comes across an isolated farmhouse in Normandy. Belle, its sole occupant, is frightened, but slowly they build up an intense relationship that ends in tragedy as the three Frenchmen on guard claim their victim. TB 2989.

Keneally, Thomas

Confederates. 1979. Read by Marvin Kane, 18 hours 52 minutes. TB 3744.

The Confederates fight, during the American Civil War, in defence of the Southern secession and the right to own slaves. Through the stories of ordinary people, abandoning their peacetime occupations, the vast fabric of the Civil War comes alive. TB 3744.

Kennedy, A L

Day. 2007. Read by Nick Underwood, 10 hours 55 minutes. TB 15099.

Before Hitler and the bombs Aldred Day was a boy in Staffordshire, helpless to defend his mother, to resist his abusive father. The RAF taught him how to burn through lifetimes on night ops and brief, sweet leaves, surviving the unsurvivable. But it didn't prepare him for capture, for the prison camp and the chaos as the war wound down. Now it's 1949 and Alfred is doing the impossible again, winding back time to see where he lost himself. He has taken the role of an extra in a Pow film. Shipped out to Germany and an ersatz camp, he picks his way through the cliches that will become all that's left of his war and begins to do what he's never dared - to remember. TB 15099.

Kennedy, Lena

Down our street. 1986. Read by Marlene Sidaway, 7 hours 43 minutes. TB 8099.

The Flanagan family was the biggest in the small East End street. Their cosy world was shattered with the outbreak of World War II and the evacuation of children from London. Bereavement and the destruction of her home broke Annie's spirit and Amy had to take over as family provider. TB 8099.

Kuniczak, W S

Valedictory. 1984. Read by Antony Higginson, 15 hours 12 minutes. TB 5512.

The story of 303 Squadron of the RAF, a unit of valiant Polish airmen who helped to win the Battle of Britain but who were destined to be betrayed by political expediency. TB 5512.

Langsford, A E

HMS Marathon. 1990. Read by Arthur Blake, 9 hours 44 minutes. TB 9163.

Book 1. There were times when he felt he was going mad, the black moments when it would have been better if he had died in the turret ... A Royal Navy convoy is fighting its way to the besieged island of Malta in 1942, and the cruiser Marathon is commanded by Captain Robert Thurston. Guilty at the loss of his previous command, stretched to the limit by battle and violent death, he has yet to face the most deadly threat of all. TB 9163.

Lee, Maureen

Queen of the Mersey. 2006. Read by Maggie Ollerenshaw, 17 hours 40 minutes. TB 16037.

Liverpool, 1939. The Second World War is about to start when pretty Laura Oliver meets Queenie Todd. Laura is 21 and happily married. At 14, Queenie lacks Laura's confidence, and has been deserted by her good-time mother. The two become friends, but when the air raids begin Queenie is trusted to look after two young children, and the three of them are evacuated to a small town on the coast of Wales. At first it is a haven of peace and quiet. The girls have a wonderful time - and then something happens, so terrifying that it will haunt them for the rest of their lives. TB 16037.

Lefebure, Molly

Blitz! 1988. Read by Di Langford, 14 hours 54 minutes. TB 7686.

Four families whose lives are intertwined as the Second World War begins, are all faced with personal conflicts as the home front is threatened and the world torn apart around them. Families are fragmented and love is found, or lost, and the young are forced to look at life through older eyes, defiant and united against the upheaval of war. TB 7686.

MacLean, Alistair

Where eagles dare. 1967. Read by David Broomfield, 8 hours 45 minutes. TB 184.

Seven men and a girl are parachuted into Germany to rescue a crashed American general from an inaccessible castle, headquarters of the Gestapo. TB 184.

Manning, Frederic

The middle parts of fortune: Somme and Ancre, 1916. 1929. Read by Robert Gladwell, 12 hours 11 minutes. TB 3288.

A chapter in the lives of a group of men during the First World War - fighting, drilling, waiting and womanising - held together by a strong feeling of comradeship. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 3288.

Manning, Olivia

The great fortune. 1960. Read by Robin Holmes, 13 hours 25 minutes. TB 213.

The Balkan trilogy; book 1. An English lecturer and his bride are forced to adjust their lives in tension-ridden Bucharest at the beginning of the war. TB 213.

Marlantes, Karl

Matterhorn: a novel of the Vietnam war. 2010. Read by Christopher Ragland, 20 hours 12 minutes. TB 18056.

Young marine lieutenant, Waino Mellas, and his comrades in Bravo Company have been dropped into the mountain jungle of Vietnam, combatants in an increasingly desperate war. Standing in their way are the North Vietnamese, the monsoon rain and mud, leeches and tigers, and disease and malnutrition. As racial tension and competing ambition build, the group threatens to crack at any moment. When the company is surrounded and outnumbered by a massive enemy regiment, the Marines are thrust into the raw and all-consuming terror of combat. The experience will change them forever. Contains strong language and violence. TB 18056.

Marston, Edward

Soldier of fortune. 2008. Read by Christopher Oxford, 9 hours 18 minutes. TB 16610.

Captain Rawson; book 1. Captain Rawson is the quintessential career soldier who never knows when his life will come to a brutal and bloody end and therefore lives each day to the full. While still young, Rawson had seen war destroy his father and seen his Dutch mother almost raped. Shortly afterwards the pair leave England for the Netherlands. Three years later Rawson returns as a soldier in the Dutch army, come to support William of Orange in his bid to replace James II on the English throne. TB 16610.

Masters, John

Now, God be thanked: a novel. 1979. Read by John Atterbury, 31 hours 23 minutes. TB 7148.

Loss of Eden; book 1. It is July 1914: the storm clouds of the Great War are gathering, but in the seemingly endless English summer the assassination in Sarajevo is not considered an event of great importance. The rich and powerful Rowlands are at the centre of society, but they are blind to the changes that the war will bring. For the younger Rowlands, the excitement of war is to become bloody reality in the mud-filled trenches of Flanders. Contains strong language. TB 7148.

Maugham, W Somerset

Ashenden. 1928. Read by John Richmond, 9 hours 45 minutes. TB 640.

A collection of stories based on the author's personal experiences in Secret Service affairs. TB 640.

Michaels, Anne

Fugitive pieces. 1996. Read by Peter Marinker, 9 hours 14 minutes. TB 11625.

Jakob Beer is rescued from the mud of a buried Polish city during World War II and taken to a Greek island by the humanist Athos Roussos. They spend the last years of the Occupation in Athos' house, a precarious refuge made lavish with art. After the War, Athos accepts an invitation to the University of Toronto's new Geography department, and Jakob learns the terrain of this city, just as he discovers the insistent nature of the layered past. His loss surfaces in all its complexity as does the haunting question of his sister's fate. TB 11625.

Monsarrat, Nicholas

The cruel sea. 1955. Read by Franklin Engelmann, 19 hours. TB 949.

A dramatic story of naval warfare in which the men are the heroes; the ships the heroines; and the villain is the cruel sea. TB 949.

Nemirovsky, Irene

Suite Francaise. 2007. Read by Carole Boyd, 13 hours 44 minutes. TB 15426.

Set during a year that begins with France's fall to the Nazis in June 1940 and ends with Germany turning its attention to Russia, "Suite Francaise" falls into two parts. The first is the depiction of a group of Parisians as they flee the Nazi invasion, and make their way through the chaos of France; the second follows the inhabitants of a small rural community under occupation, who find themselves thrown together in ways they never expected. The novel is full of a variety of characters – haughty aristocrats, bourgeois bankers and snobbish aesthetes, rub shoulders with uncouth workers and bolshy farmers. Irene Nemirovsky conceived "Suite Francaise" as a four or five part novel. It was to be a symphony - her War and Peace. However, she only completed two sections before her tragic death in Auschwitz in 1942. TB 15426.

Nichol, John

Stinger. Read by Martyn Read, 11 hours. TB 13116.

RAF pilot Sean Riever heads for the mountains of Afghanistan. His work with mine-clearance takes him as close to war as he wants to get. But when a passenger plane is shot down by a stinger missile, the ghosts of the past return to haunt him. Contains violence. TB 13116.

Pargeter, Edith

She goes to war. 1989. Read by Di Langford and Raymond Sawyer, 9 hours. TB 10115.

It is 1940 and Catherine Saxon is on her way to join the WRNS at Devonport, still unsure why she has joined up. As she trains as a teleprinter operator, she grows to enjoy service life and soon adjusts to a posting in war-torn Liverpool. Then, one spring day, she meets Tom Lyddon, a Spanish civil war veteran, whose political views strike an immediate chord with her. After an idyllic holiday in the North Wales countryside, Tom is recalled to active service abroad and all she can do is wait and hope for his return. TB 10115.

Price, Anthony

The '44 vintage. 1978. Read by Robert Gladwell, 12 hours. TB 3311.

Dr David Audley; book 1. A few weeks after D-day, Major O'Connor leads his hand-picked team of ruthless fighters behind the crumbling German lines on a startling mission unknown to all except himself. TB 3311.

Radcliffe, Robert

Under an English heaven. Read by Peter Wickham, 12 hours 30 minutes. TB 13513.

Suffolk, 1943: Each dawn, thousands of American airmen take off to strike Germany's industrial war machine. Each dusk, hundreds fail to return. The American base in Bedenham brings upheaval, uncertainty and unease. For Billy Street, a fourteen-year-old streetwise evacuee, it's a time of unlimited opportunity and acceptance in a community he loves. For Billy's schoolteacher, Heather Garrett, awaiting word of her missing husband, it's an inward spiral of fear and isolation. For Lt. John Hooper, a brilliant but traumatised US pilot coming to terms with the death of his entire crew, it's the start of a desperate struggle for sanity and redemption. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 13513.

Reeman, Douglas

Winged escort. 2008. Read by David Rintoul, 9 hours 20 minutes. TB 15627.

July, 1943. As the grim years of the Second World War go by, the destruction of Allied shipping mounts. Out of the terrible loss of men and ships, the escort carrier is born. At twenty-six, fighter pilot Tim Rowan, RNVR, is already a veteran of many campaigns. Now he joins the escort carrier, Growler, a posting which takes him first to the bitter waters of the Arctic, and then later to the Indian Ocean - and the new terror of the Japanese Kamikaze. TB 15627.

Reeman, Douglas

In danger's hour. 1988. Read by Robert Gladwell, 13 hours 22 minutes. TB 7884.

Set in the desperate and dangerous period of the 2nd World War from April 1943 until June 1944, the mine-sweeper Rob Roy is thrust into her toughest challenge when the Allies mount their invasion of Italy. A master story-teller of the sea, Douglas Reeman graphically and grippingly relates the heroism and human drama of the "little ships" role in the blazing conflict. Contains strong language. TB 7884.

Rivers, Carol

East End angel. 2010. Read by Helen Dickens, 12 hours 34 minutes. TB 18156.

June 1941, Isle of Dogs, London. In the dark days following the Blitz, happiness visits young Pearl Jenkins as she celebrates her marriage to Jim Nesbitt. Increasingly uneasy at staying at home when other men are off fighting for their country, Jim enlists, leaving Pearl at home. Together, Pearl and Ruby must bring up baby Cynthia while struggling to make ends meet and dodge the doodlebugs. And all the time, Pearl must hide the dark secret she harbours, one which would tear the two sisters apart as well as her marriage. Then tragedy strikes both on the home front and in the trenches and Pearl is forced to fight like never before to keep her family safe. TB 18156.

Robinson, Derek

Goshawk Squadron. 1971. Read by Robert Gladwell, 9 hours 30 minutes. TB 1979.

In the last year of the First War, Woolley, a scruffy cold-blooded C.O., trains the Goshawk Squadron with an approach far removed from the romance of "chivalry in the clouds" to face death in planes that are patched and worn out. Unsuitable for family reading. TB 1979.

Robinson, Patrick

U.S.S. Seawolf. 2000. Read by Garrick Hagon, 17 hours 37 minutes. TB 16917.

Silent and lethal, USS Seawolf, the US Navy's state-of-the art stealth submarine, is on an ultra secret mission - to spy on China's brand new ICBM Zia-Class submarine. Contains strong language. TB 16917.

Ross, Catherine

Battle dress. 1961. Read by Anne White, 9 hours 45 minutes. TB 4897.

Set in the heavily-garrisoned Orkneys in November 1942 this story tells of the WAAF personnel posted to this isolated yet vital place: their fears and loves, mistakes and tragedies. TB 4897.

Rowe, Alick

Voices of danger. 1990. Read by Rosalind Shanks, 8 hours 14 minutes. TB 8302.

Alex Davies and Seb Carpenter are 16-year-old Cathedral choristers when the Great War is about to become the horror of the Somme. The boys enlist under age, and are sent to the Somme, the target of a terrifying surprise German raid on Pave. In this story of a teenager's war love and hate, betrayal and loyalty are seen against the background of one of the most terrifying eras of the modern world. TB 8302.

Ryan, Robert

Early one morning. 2006. Read by Steven Pacey, 10 hours 36 minutes. TB 16471.

Morning, noon and night; book 1. In the Roaring Twenties an Englishman and a Frenchman were fierce rivals not only on the European race circuits but also for the sensuous Eve Aubicq. When war breaks out both sign up for missions in Occupied France. They cause havoc to the Nazis until their cover is blown and they are captured and tortured. TB 16471.

Sansom, C J

Winter in Madrid. 2006. Read by Jonathan Oliver, 22 hours 56 minutes. TB 16071.

The year is 1940: The Spanish Civil War is over, and Madrid lies ruined, its people starving, while the Germans continue their relentless march through Europe. Britain now stands alone, as General Franco considers whether to abandon neutrality and enter the war. Into this uncertain world comes Harry Brett: ex-public schoolboy, traumatised veteran of Dunkirk and, now, reluctant spy for the British Secret Service. Sent to gain the confidence of Sandy Forsyth, an old school friend turned shady Madrid businessman, he finds himself involved in a dangerous game - and surrounded by memories. TB 16071.

Schlink, Bernhard

The reader. 1997. Read by Peter Wickham, 4 hours 37 minutes. TB 11546.

A schoolboy in post-war Germany, Michael begins a secret affair with Hanna, a woman in her thirties, until she suddenly disappears. Some years later, as a law student, Michael is in court to follow a case. To his amazement one of the defendants is Hanna. Her attitude is bizarre as she mishandles her defence. But suddenly Michael understands that her behaviour, both now and in the past, conceals a secret buried deeper even than her terrible crimes. TB 11546.

Sheers, Owen

Resistance. 2008. Read by Richard Coyle, 11 hours. TB 16280.

In an imagined alternative 1944, after the fall of Russia and the failed D-Day landings, half of Britain is occupied. Young farmer's wife Sarah Lewis wakes to find her husband has disappeared, along with all of the men from her remote Welsh village. A German patrol arrives in the valley, the purpose of their mission a mystery. Sarah begins a faltering acquaintance with the patrol's commanding officer, Albrecht, and it is to her that he reveals the purpose of his mission - to claim an extraordinary medieval art treasure that lies hidden in the valley. But as the pressure of the war beyond presses in on his isolated community, this fragile state of harmony is increasingly threatened. Contains passages of a sexual nature. TB 16280.

Shute, Nevil

Most secret. 1991. Read by Arthur Blake, 11 hours 24 minutes. TB 8776.

Three men, all driven by private pasts, plan to make a death defying attack on Nazi ships with a devastating home-made weapon. TB 8776.

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr

August 1914. 1972. Read by Stanley Pritchard, 26 hours 50 minutes. TB 2394.

An account of the fated campaign of 1914, in which the Russian army, large but ill-equipped, was destroyed by the Germans at Tannenberg. TB 2394.

Stevens, Gordon

And all the king's men. 1990. Read by George Hagan, 21 hours 38 minutes. TB 8959.

The outbreak of war in 1939 makes little difference to the quiet Kent village of Ardley - at first - but when the invasion becomes a reality, the villagers are thrown into the front line. TB 8959.

Stevenson, D E

Sarah Morris remembers. 1967. Read by Carol Marsh, 13 hours. TB 726.

Sarah Morris; book 1. The story of a family forced to face the turmoil of a world war. TB 726.

Thomas, Leslie

Waiting for the day. 2003. Read by Michael Tudor Barnes, 13 hours 18 minutes. TB 13661.

Set midwinter 1943, this novel explores the build-up to D Day through the eyes of servicemen from both the UK and the USA. Each one is heading inexorably towards the beaches of Normandy but none of them knows it. Contains strong language. TB 13661.

Thomas, Leslie

Other times. 1999. Read by Gregory York, 15 hours 20 minutes. TB 12452.

As the story opens in autumn 1939, James Bevan is a junior officer, attached to a small anti-aircraft unit amid the retirement bungalows of the English south coast. Separated from his wife, the soldiers he commands are his only family. TB 12452.

Tolstoi, L N

War and peace. 1872. Read by Garard Green, 79 hours. TB 1374.

An epic tale of the Napoleonic invasion of Russia, contrasting the life of the nobility and the hard life of the soldiers and people. TB 1374.

Trollope, Joanna

Leaves from the Valley. 1980. Read by Ann Kenton-Barker, 9 hours 58 minutes. TB 10132.

Captain Edgar Drummond invites his two sisters Blanche and Sarah to accompany him to the Crimea. It is, after all, likely to be "only the smallest of skirmishes", and Constantinople could prove a most refreshing change of scene. Also on board the ship transporting the regiment is a young war correspondent Robert Chiltern, who is far more aware of the dangers. In the Crimea, Edgar soon finds his beloved reason and order are ineffectual amidst the chaos of war, and Blanche discovers that her beauty and frivolity have no place. Only Sarah finds the courage to take an active role. TB 10132.

Waters, Sarah

The night watch. 2006. Read by Elaine Caxton, 17 hours 21 minutes. TB 14772.

This is the story of four Londoners - three women and a young man with a past. Kay, who drove an ambulance during the war and lived life at full throttle, now dresses in mannish clothes and wanders the streets with a restless hunger, searching. Helen, clever, sweet, much-loved, harbours a painful secret. Viv, glamour girl, is stubbornly, even foolishly loyal, to her soldier lover. Duncan, an apparent innocent, has had his own demons to fight during the war. Their lives and their secrets connect in sometimes startling ways. Contains strong language. TB 14772.

Waugh, Evelyn

Scoop: a novel about journalists. 1938. Read by Gabriel Woolf, 6 hours 45 minutes. TB 4467.

A story very much of the thirties when it was written. Foreign correspondents were famous figures and the centre of interest on board, was beginning to shift from Abyssinia to Spain. Here, Boot of the Beast reports on the war in Ishmaelia. TB 4467.

West, Morris

The tower of Babel. 1968. Read by Marvin Kane, 12 hours 15 minutes. TB 489.

Set in the Middle East on the brink of war, this novel portrays the Arab-Jewish confrontation. The successful terrorist becomes a statesman and a national hero. The unsuccessful one is branded a criminal. But they all know themselves to be heroes. TB 489.

Wharton, William

A midnight clear. 1982. Read by Joe Dunlop, 8 hours 15 minutes. TB 4915.

Will Knott (known to his friends as 'Wont'), is a sergeant at nineteen and in charge of his remnant of a squad - death brings early promotion. The order comes to occupy a chateau deep in the woods of the Saar valley – an unexpected World War II story about why not to have a war. TB 4915.

Woodruff, William

Vessel of sadness. 2005. Read by Sam Kelly, 4 hours 27 minutes. TB 17134.

The invasion of Anzio and the four month battle for Rome are viewed through the minds and struggles of British, American, and German soldiers. TB 17134.

Wouk, Herman

The 'Caine' mutiny. 1951. Read by Marvin Kane, 21 hours 30 minutes. TB 2747.

The story of a curious episode of near mutiny in a destroyer-minesweeper engaged on escort duty in the Pacific in 1944. TB 2747.

Yeates, Victor M

Winged victory. 1934. Read by Duncan Carse, 13 hours. TB 1317.

The author was one of the most experienced pilots of the First World War, and died of tuberculosis, due to war strain, when he had barely finished this account of flying on the Western Front; combat loneliness, fatigue, excitement, fear, comradeship, women, nerves, death. Yet it is a book full of humour. TB 1317.

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