War Comes to Georgia: Describe what happened in the areas below during the Civil War

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War Comes to Georgia Name:

Ch. 13 pp. 213 - 220 Entry # 5

War Comes to Georgia: Describe what happened in the areas below during the Civil War.

  1. Chattanooga, Tenn.

September 1863, Union forces capture Chattanooga near the GA border.

  1. Chickamauga, Ga.

Sept. 1863 – Bloody Battle – Confederate army turned Union forces back.

Sherman Invades Georgia

  1. Describe General Grant’s plan for the Union attack on Georgia. “Move against Johnston’s army – break it up – get into the interior of the enemy country as far as you can – inflicting as much damage as you can against their war efforts and resources.”

4. Summarize what happened in Atlanta from late July to November of 1864; include what happened after the city surrendered! For 40 days Sherman attacked Atlanta. Hood evacuated the City on Sept. 1. Hood ordered his confederate troops to destroy everything they could not carry. 7 locomotives, 81 RR cars were blown up by confederates. The next day, the city was surrendered. Sherman and his Union Army occupied the city until mid November. 2007-04-08-1917-14

5. What was the “Workshop of the Confederacy?” Atlanta
6. Why do you think it was called that? Atlanta was an industrial center and produces many supplies for the Confederacy.


Sherman’s March to the Sea

Union General William Tecumseh Sherman led a path of destruction, 60 miles wide and over 300 miles long, from Atlanta to Savannah from November to December 1864.
7. Goals of the Union Forces: Live off the land and destroy GA’s resources. Particularly railroads and supplies Confederate troops depended upon.
8. Amount of destruction: 100 million dollars worth of damage and destruction.

9. Describe the destruction: Destroyed legitimate military targets, plundered private property, and brought the “sad realities of war” to GA.

10. What was General Sherman’s Christmas present to President Lincoln in 1864, in detail? I beg to present to you as a Christmas gift the city of Savannah with 150 guns with plenty of ammunition, also about 25,000 bales of cotton. “
FORMAL SURRENDER OF THE WAR: Text page 219-220 & picture and caption p.220

How did the nation’s most deadly war end? Complete the chart below in DETAIL!

11. WHO

Southern General: General Robert E. Lee

Northern General: General Ulysses S. Grant

12. WHAT

Formal surrender of the War and the Confederate troops

13. WHEN

April 9, 1865


Appomattox Courthouse, VA


Robert E. Lee surrendered the small force he still commanded. Other Confederate generals across the south followed his command. On April 26, Johnston surrendered to Sherman.



The Tragic Story of Andersonville Prison p.218

16. What was Andersonville Prison? Andersonville was a prison that the Confederacy used for captured Union soldiers. It was built to hold 10,000 prisoners.
17. How many Union prisoners were held at Andersonville as of August 1864? 33,000 Union prisoners were held; three times the number the prison was built to hold.

18. Name three factors that contributed to the horrible conditions at Andersonville.

1. Only water available was polluted. Food was so scarce, many prisoners starved.

2. Clothing and medical supplies were often in short supply.

3. The only shelter from cold and rain were crude tents which not all prisoners had.
19. What happened to the commander at Andersonville, Captain Henry Wirz? After the War, he was arrested and sent to Washington DC for trial. He was found guilty and hanged on Nov. 10 1865.

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