War Breaks Out Study Guide

A _ 6. Received help from foreign countries such as France & Spain

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__ A _ 6. Received help from foreign countries such as France & Spain

_ A __7. Continental Congress couldn’t fund the troops

__ A _8. Lack of supplies—food, uniforms, ammunition

_ B ___9. Lacked public support for the war back home in England. Cost of the war caused anger. Troops did not willingly volunteer

_ A __10. Limited number of men, sometimes left to go to tend fields, also they were poorly-trained

_ B __11. Fighting in their enemy’s “backyard”--- did not know the geography of the land

_ B __12. men and supplies took a long time to arrive. Travel = expensive

Biblically Integrated Concept: the Bible account is based on ____________

  1. Who is David best compared to? ___________Americans___________

  2. Who is Goliath best compared to?_________British____________

  3. How is the outcome of the story similar with what happened with the Revolutionary War? The apparent underdog looked like that couldn’t win. The Americans beat the larger and more experienced British troops.

Sequencing of Events: Fill in the boxes with the correct “event”

16. September 1774

First Cont’l Congress

17. April 1775

Lexington & Concord

18. May 1775

Second Cont’l Congress

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