War & Civilization Feudalism, Crusades & a Girl Mr. Thorsen

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War & Civilization Feudalism, Crusades & a Girl Mr. Thorsen


-chaos and invasion

-Western and Eastern (Byzantine)

-Huns & stirrup


-Magyars, Muslims and Vikings

-Norwegians, Swedes, Danes

-Woten (Odin), Thor, Frey

-what is Feudalism

-reason for Feudalism

-feudal lords emerge

-lord, vassal, fief, paying homage

-obligations of vassals and lords

-code of chivalry

-weakness of feudalism

-law of Primogeniture and reason for it

-manorial contract

-centralized vs. decentralized power

-what is the struggle between the nobility

and the monarchs?

-medieval warfare




-Seljuk Turks take what region?

-Byzantine Emperor Alexis appeals to whom?

-Pope Urban II

-reunite Catholic & Orthodox churches

-what did pope offer to go?

-why did knights desire to go?

-Constantinople & Jerusalem

-1st Crusade 1096-1099

-Turkish style of warfare

-Crusader style of warfare

-crusader treatment of enemies & captives

-the spear of destiny at Antioch

-fall of Jerusalem

-reasons for crusader success & Turkish defeat

-Crusader States

-recipe for disaster

-Saladin and jihad

-name two reasons why Muslims were able

to retake the Holy Land

-fall of Jerusalem

-3rd Crusade

-Philip Augustus of France

-Richard the Lionheart of England

-Frederick Barbarossa of HRE

-reasons for continued defeat
-4th Crusade 1202-1204

-role of Venice “Venice, oh Venice”

-why attack Constantinople?

-the effect of this for Christianity

-Results of the crusades
100Yrs War 1337-1453


-last Capetian king dies


-what was important about Flanders?

-1st phase 1337-1420, who wins?

-French strengths & weaknesses

-English strengths & weaknesses

-Battle of Crecy and Agincourt

-Charles VI, dauphin Charles, Henry V

-Treaty of Troyes

-2nd phase 1421-1453

-Jeanne D’Arc (Joan of Arc)

-meeting the dauphin

-Battle of Orleans

-march to Rheims

-betrayal and trial at Rouen


-Charles VII and the Burgundians

-results of the war

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