Wappingers Central School District Social Studies Department Course Syllabus

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Wappingers Central School District

Social Studies Department

Course Syllabus

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Must have passed Global History & Geography I


In Global II (grade 10), all students take the NYS Global History and Geography Regents examination in June. The Regents exam is also the final exam for the course and counts as 20% of the final course average. Students must pass this course and the Global History and Geography Regents exam in order to graduate.


World History: Connections to Today (Prentiss Hall, 1999)

Areas of Study

  1. The Industrial Revolution(1750-1900)

    1. Dawn of the Industrial Revolution

    2. Britain leads the way

    3. Hardships of the Industrial Revolution

    4. New Ideologies

    5. Industrial Revolution Spreads/Cities

  2. Revolutions in Europe and Latin America(1790-1848)

    1. “When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold.”

    2. Latin American wars of Independence

  3. Nationalism in Europe (1800-1914)

    1. Building a German State

    2. Unifying Italy

    3. Russian Reform

  4. The New Imperialism (1800-1914)

    1. A western dominated world

    2. The partition of Africa

    3. European Challenges to the Muslim World

    4. The British take over India

    5. The New Imperialism in China

    6. Japan modernizes

    7. Impact of Imperialism

  5. World War I and its Aftermath (1914-1919)

    1. The stage is set

    2. A new kind of War

    3. Making Peace

  6. The Russian Revolution (1917-1939)

    1. Two revolutions in Russia

    2. From Lenin to Stalin

    3. Life in a Totalitarian State

  7. Crisis of Democracy (1919-1939)

    1. Recovery and Economic Collapse

    2. Rise of Fascism

    3. Hitler and The rise of Nazi Germany

  8. World War II and its Aftermath (1931-1949)

    1. Aggression, Appeasement and War

    2. Axis Advances

    3. Global conflict

    4. From World War to Cold War

  9. The Cold War (1945-present)

    1. The Soviet Union

    2. Warsaw Pact vs. NATO

    3. Cold War all over (Cuban Missile Crisis, Race for Space)

  10. East Asia and Southeast Asia (1945-present)

    1. Japan as a superpower

    2. China: Reform to Revolution (Mao)

    3. Asian Tigers

  11. South Asia and the Middle East (1919-present)

    1. India seeks self rule (Gandhi)

    2. Nation building in the Middle East

  12. Africa (1945-present)

    1. Achieving Independence

    2. Struggles for Independence (Apartheid)

    3. Modern Struggles in Africa

  13. Latin America (1945-present)

    1. Forces shaping modern Latin America

Review for Regents will include 9th and 10th grade material.

For Information

For a complete review of the NYS Social Studies Learning Standards, see


For the complete NYS core curriculum for Global History and Geography, see

http://www.emsc.nysed.gov/ciai/socst/pub/sscore2.pdf (pp. 89-120)

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