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Selective Curriculum Vitae

February, 2014

Academic University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1966 from the Political Science Department;

Preparation: dissertation on "Cicero's Rhetorical Writings and Political Philosophy."
University of Chicago, M. A. 1962 from the Political Science Department; thesis topic: "Roscoe Pound's Early Writings and the Problem of Natural Law in Contemporary Jurisprudence."
Georgetown University, A. B. 1960, magna cum laude in the Honors Program with a major in Government.


Positions 2012- Professor Emeritus, Program of Liberal Studies &

Political Science

1994-2004 Editor, The Review of Politics.

1993 Faculty member and counselor in

(Spring term) Notre Dame London Programme.
1991-92 Acting Editor, The Review of Politics.

From 1991- Board of Editors, The Political Science Reviewer.

1985-86 Visiting Scholar (NEH Senior Research Fellowship) St. Edmund's College, Cambridge University.

1979-85 Chairman, Program of Liberal Studies, University of Notre Dame. The Program is the 61 year-old interdisciplinary department which provides the Great Books undergraduate major at Notre Dame.

1984-91 Book Review Editor, The Review of Politics

& 92-94
1978-79 Lilly Faculty Fellow studying the history

of the idea of liberal education and the implications for liberal education found in recent work on moral development.
1975 & 1976 Visiting Tutor (summers) in the Graduate Institute of 1976 Institute of Liberal Education at

St. John's College (Sante Fe).

1970-2012 Assistant Professor, Associate Professor

and Professor, Program of Liberal Studies

at the University of Notre Dame. Nicgorski

also is a member of the graduate faculty and concurrent professor in the Political Science Department.

1969-70 Visiting Scholar (Danforth Postgraduate Fellowship) Harvard University.

1967-69 Chairman, Committee on Academic Progress (an Honors Program in Notre Dame's College of Arts & Letters).

1964-69 Instructor, Assistant Professor, Political Science Department at the University of Notre Dame.

Awards & Honors: Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Sigma Nu; Woodrow Wilson Fellowship and Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Year Fellowship; Danforth Fellowship and Postgraduate Fellowship; Relm Fellowship; University of Notre Dame Faculty Research Grants (Summers, 1968, 1972, 1981); Lilly Faculty Open Fellowship; 1978-79; Danforth Associate, 1981-86; NEH Senior Research Fellowship (1985-86). NEH Grants To Direct Summer Seminars For Teachers, 1987 and 1990. ACLS Travel Grant and matching ISLA-ND Grant 1990; Earhart Foundation Research Grants 1990-91; 99-00; Bradley Foundation Research Grant 1990-91; ISLA-ND Senior Research Grant (1991); ISLA grant for Young Scholar’s Lecture (2002-03); ISLA Notre Dame Henkels Lecture Fund and Notre Dame Graduate School grant for Cicero Symposium (2006); ISLA Materials Grant to support salary for a graduate student assistance in editorial work on Cicero collection (2008); appointment to council of directors of the Sorbonne based Société Internationale des Amis de Cicéron (2008). Appointed Senior Fellow of the Center for Thomas More Studies at the University of Dallas (2009)

Memberships The American Political Science Association

& Offices: Phi Beta Kappa, Epsilon of Indiana--Chapter at Notre Dame (President,1991-93; President-Emeritus and member of Executive Committee, 1993-95).

American Maritain Association

Association for Core Texts and Courses (ACTC)
Publications: Classical Political Theory
-"Cicero and the Rebirth of Political Philosophy," The Political Science Reviewer (1978), VIII, pp. 63-101. Edited and republished in Appendix to Cicero’s Practical Philosophy ( 2012, see below).

-"Cicero's Paradoxes and His Idea of Utility," Political Theory (Nov., 1984), XII, pp. 557-578.

-"Cicero's Focus: From the Best Regime To the Model Statesman," Political Theory (May, 1991), XIX, pp. 230-51. Reprinted as Chap.14 (pp. 183-97) in Political Theory: Classic and Contemporary Readings, eds. Joseph Losco & Leonard Williams (Los Angeles: Roxbury Publishing Co.,2003, Vol.1

-"Cicero's Socrates: Assessment of `the Socratic Turn'," in Law and Philosophy: The Practice of Theory, eds. J. Murley, R. Stone & W. Braithwaite, (Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1992) 1:213-33.

-"Nationalism and Transnationalism in Cicero," History of European Ideas (January, 1993), XVI, pp. 785-91.

–“Cicero, Citizenship and the Epicurean Temptation,”

in Cultivating Citizens, eds. Dwight Allman & Michael Beatty (Lantham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, 2002), pp. 3-28.

– “Cicero’s Distinctive Voice on Friendship: De Amicitia and De Re Publica,” in Friendship and Politics: Essays in Political Thought eds. John von Heyking and Richard Avramenko (Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 2008), 84-111.

– with Xavier Marquez, “La loi de la nature et la nature de la loi dans la pensée politique de Cicéron,” in Droit naturel: relancer histoire, eds. Xavier Dijon et al (Bruxelles: Bruylant, 2008), 157-91.

– with James Fetter, “Magnanimity and Statesmanship: The Ciceronian Difference,” in Magnanimity and Statesmanship, ed. Carson Holloway (Lantham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, 2008), 29-47.

–“Cicero,” a background and interpretive essay (2700 words) with selected texts of Cicero for the Natural Law, Natural Rights and American Constitutionalism Online Resource Center, Witherspoon Institute (Princeton), at

–“Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43)” and “Ciceronianism,” The Sage Encyclopedia of Political Theory, ed. Mark Bevir (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage, 2010), Vol. I, 174-77 and 177-80 respectively. Hard copy and online availability.

Cicero’s Practical Philosophy, editor, a collection based on the

October 2006 Notre Dame Symposium on Cicero, (Notre Dame IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2012) xii + 313 pp.

--“Cicero on Education: The Humanizing Arts,” in Arts of Liberty

Journal 1(2013)1-25.

--“Cicero on Aristotle and Aristotelians,” in Hungarian Philosophical

Review 57(2013/14)34-56.

--"Leo Strauss," Modern Age (1982), XXVI, pp. 270-73.

--"The Thought of Leo Strauss," co-editor with Kenneth Deutsch (SUNY-Geneseo) of special thematic issue of The Review of Politics (January, 1991) 245 pp. including "Preface to this Special Issues," pp. iii-x.

--Leo Strauss: Political Philosopher and Jewish Thinker, edited with Kenneth Deutsch, an expanded version of the Review of Politics special issue on Strauss with a co-authored introduction (Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield, 1994), 396 pp.

--“Reflections on Faith and Reason: Leo Strauss and John Paul II” in Natural Right and Political Philosophy—Essays in Honor of Catherine Zuckert and Michael Zuckert (eds.) Ann Ward and Lee Ward. (Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press, 2013), pp. 193=208.
Political Theory and Education
-with Frederick Ellrod, "Moral Character," in Act and Agent: Philosophical Foundations of Moral Education and Character Development (eds.) George McLean, Frederick Ellrod, David Schindler and Jesse Mann (Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, 1986), pp. 141-64.

-"Environment: The Social Dimension of Moral Development," also in Act and Agent . . ., pp. 307-31.

-"Leo Strauss and Liberal Education," Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy (May, 1985) XIII, 2, pp. 233-50.

-"The College Experience and Character Development,"

in Character Development in the Schools and Beyond (eds.) Kevin Ryan and George McLean (New York: Praeger, 1987), pp. 328-57.

-"Faculty Reactions to The Closing of the American Mind," in Essays on The Closing of the American Mind (ed.) Robert L. Stone (Chicago: Chicago Review Press, 1989), pp. 350-52.

-"The Morality of the Liberal Arts: An Aristotelian Perspective," The Good Man in Society: Active Contemplation--Essays in Honor of Gerhart Niemeyer (eds.) Michael Henry, John Gueguen and James Rhodes (Lanham, Maryland: University Press of America, 1989), pp. 149-67.

-"Response to David L. Schindler's `Faith and the Logic of Intelligence: Secularization and the Academy'" in Catholicism and Secularization in America (ed.) D. L. Schindler (Notre Dame: Communio Books, 1990), pp. 199-206.

-"Theory Redivivus," The Political Science Reviewer (1996), xxv, pp. 74-99.

-“Gerhart Niemeyer: Colleague and Friend” in The University Bookman

(1997) pp. 8-10.

-"Allan Bloom: Strauss, Socrates and Liberal Education," in The Influence of Leo Strauss on the Study of the American Regime (eds.) K. Deutsch and John Murley (Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield, 1999), pp. 205-19.

-“Afterword: The Importance of ‘Instilling Ethics,’” in Instilling Ethics (ed.) Norma Thompson (Lanham, Maryland: Rowman and Littlefield, 2000), pp. 205-219.

–“Politics,Political Philosophy and Christian Faith: Gerhart Niemeyer’s Journey,” in The Political Science Reviewer, 2002, XXXI, pp.41-69.

–“Ernest Fortin’s Teaching for Catholics,” published at Claremont Institute site,,2005.

American Founding and Democratic Theory
-An Almost Chosen People: The Moral Aspirations of Americans, editor with R. Weber (Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 1976), 160 pp. including an "Afterword" pp. 147-54 by W. Nicgorski.

-"The New Federalism and Direct Popular Election," The Review of Politics (January 1972), pp. 3-15.

-"The Significance of the Non-Lockean Heritage of the Declaration of Independence," The American Journal of Jurisprudence (1976), XXI, pp. 156-77.

-"Democracy and Moral-Religious Neutrality: American and Catholic Perspectives," Communio (1982), IX, pp. 292-320. Also published in Serbo-Croatian, "Demokracija I Moralno-Religiozna Neutralnost: Americka I Katholicke Perspecktive, Svesci (1983), LI, pp. 76-89.

-"Anti-Federalists: Collected and Interpreted," The Review of Politics (January, 1984), pp. 113-125.

-"The Moral Crisis: Lessons From the Founding," The World and I (September, 1987), pp. 75-85.

-"American Pluralism: A Condition Or A Goal?" in The Challenge of Pluralism: Education, Politics and Values, (eds.) D. Lapsley & C. Power, (Notre Dame, Indiana: University of Notre Dame Press, 1992), pp 15-37.

– “Passing the Torch: The Brownson Legacy and Yves Simon,” in The Brownson Journal (Fall, 2007) II, 1 pp. 3-7.

–“Yves R. Simon: A Philosopher’s Quest for Science and Prudence,” The Review of Politics, 71 (Winter, 2009) 1: 68-84. A revised version of this essay appears in Political Philosophy in the Twentieth Century: Authors and Arguments, (ed.) Catherine Zuckert (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011), pp. 91-107.

--“An Introduction to Yves R. Simon’s ‘The Doctrinal Issue Between the Church and Democracy,’” an invited contribution to the journal Logos upon the occasion of the republication of a significant article of Simon from the 1950s. Logos 14 (Winter, 2011) 1: 122-31.

--“Rediscovering the Carrolls,” full page historical perspective on the Carroll family in relationship to Notre Dame, in The Irish Rover (March 25, 2011), 11.

Reviews and Review (“Significant Diversity”)of John O’Malley’s Four Cultures of

Reviews Essays: The West at Claremont Institute, 2005.

Review of Andrew Erskine's The Hellenistic Stoa: Political Thought and

Action in The American Political Science Review (September, 1991), pp. 996-97.
Review of Morton White's Philosophy, "The Federalist," and The Constitution in The Review of Metaphysics (March, 1990), pp. 654-56
Review ("Reason, Politics and Christian Belief") of Robert Sokolowski's The God of Faith and Reason in The Claremont Review of Books (Summer, 1985), pp. 18-21.
Review of Gary Wills's Explaining America: The Review Federalist in The American Political Science Review (March, 1982), pp. 155-56.
Review of Eva Brann's Paradoxes of Education In A Republic in The American Political Science Review (June, 1980), pp. 471-72.
Review ("Examining the Life of the University") of Charles Wegener's Liberal Education and the Modern University in The Review of Politics (April, 1980), pp. 260-63.
Review ("The Problem of Utopia") of Mulford Sibley's Nature and Civilization in The Review of Politics (July, 1979), pp. 461-465.
Reviews ("Silences Made to Speak") of Paul Eidelberg's On the Silence of the Declaration of Independence and Beyond Detente, in The Review of Politics (July, 1977), pp. 444-448.
Review ("Common Sense and Progress") of Mortimer Adler's The Common Sense of Politics in The Review of Politics (April, 1973), pp. 582-588.
Review ("Human Problems and Philosophy") of Robert MacIver's Politics and Society in The Review of Politics (October, 1970), pp. 522-526.
Reviews ("Two Dimensions of Pluralism") of The Democratic Experience by Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Sigmund and of Frank Tannenbaum's The Balance of Power in Society in The Review of Politics (April, 1970), pp. 250-254.
Review ("American Politics and Conservative Libertarianism") of Gottfried Dietze's America's Political Dilemma in The Review of Politics (October, 1969), pp. 534-537.
Review ("The Founding Fathers: A Study in Relevance") of Paul Eidelberg's The Philosophy of the American Constitution in The Review of Politics (July, 1969), pp. 418-421.
Review ("A New Look at the Founding Fathers") of Clinton Rossiter's 1787: The Grand Convention in The Review of Politics (October, 1967), pp. 546-549.
Review ("Dramatizing the Constitution") of Catherine Drinker Bowen's Miracle at Philadelphia in The Boston Sunday Herald (December 18, 1966), p. 17.

Papers and Public Lecture on “The Federalist: An American and Great Book,” the Hesburgh

Lectures (Recent) lecture for the Notre Dame Club of Delaware and the Thomas More Society for the Wilmington legal and judicial community (June, 2013).
Lecture titled “Cicero: Statesman As Well As Political Theorist,” given as the Kirwan endowed lecture in the history of political philosophy at the University of Nebraska (Omaha), (April, 2013).
Lecture titled “Cicero on the Nature of Citizen Education and the Role of the Liberal Arts,” the opening lecture for the symposium on Augustine on Education and Citizenship: What is Liberal Education, sponsored by the Apgar Foundation, the Arts of Liberty Project and the Ernest L. Fortin Memorial Foundation; given at the University of Dallas, (November, 2012)
Lecture on “The American Constitutional Tradition: Historic Strengths and Contemporary Challenges,” a Hesburgh lecture for Notre Dame Club of Hartford Connecticut, (October, 2012).
Paper titled “Political Science, Cicero and Education,” prepared for the panel on “Why Cicero? Reassessments by Political Theorists and Classicists” at the American Political Science Association annual meeting in New Orleans, (September, 2012).
Paper on “Augustine Confronts Cicero’s Skepticism,” and

seminar leader on Cicero’s as well as Augustine’s Academica at the seminar on “Augustine’s and More’s Use of Cicero” sponsored by the Classic Core Texts and Citizenship in America Project of The Center for Thomas More Studies at the University of Dallas, June, 2011.

Lecture on “Cicero and the Art of Rhetoric” at the conference on

the art of rhetoric sponsored by the Center for Constructive

Alternatives at Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, MI, November

Lecture on “Cicero on Law and the Legal Profession,” sponsored

by the Law and Humanities Council and The Thomas More

Society of the Notre Dame Law School, Notre Dame,

September, 2010.
Paper on “Cicero on Citizenship: His Philosophical Foundations,”

and seminar leader on De Finibus sponsored by the Classic Core Texts and Citizenship in America Project of The Center for Thomas More Studies at the University of Dallas, June, 2010.

Seminar leader of faculty seminar (faculty from various institutions) for two sessions on Cicero’s De Re Publica at a working symposium titled “Cicero on Natural Law and the ‘Best Citizen’” sponsored by the Classic Core Texts and Citizenship in America Project of The Center for Thomas More Studies at the University of Dallas, June, 2009.

Lecture on “Eloquence, Wisdom and Power: The Case of Cicero,” prepared for the conference on “President Barack Obama & the Lessons of Antiquity” at Grand Valley State University and the Gerald Ford Presidential Library in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Filmed and used by C-Span; available on You-Tube. April, 2009.
Lecture, The Friday night lecture “In Defense of Cicero,” at St. John’s College, Annapolis, October, 2008.

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