Wall Street Crash (1929). The coalition governments

Why didn’t Hitler get the job of Chancellor when he first asked for it?

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5. Why didn’t Hitler get the job of Chancellor when he first asked for it?

6. Who did get this job, and why didn’t he last very long in this post?

7. Why did Papen the appointment of Schleicher as Chancellor cause further disruption within the Reichstag?

Papen soon began plotting to bring about Schleicher’s downfall. He decided his best option was to convince Hindenburg to sack Schleicher and appoint Hitler as Chancellor, despite the fact that both Papen and Hindenburg distrusted Hitler! Papen would simply go to any lengths to destroy Schleicher’s career.

Strangely enough, the thing that enabled Papen to convince Hindenburg that Hitler could now be trusted was the fact that the Nazi’s votes were by now FALLING. This was partly due to voters’ dislike of the increasing violence of the SA, who had killed hundreds of members of Communist gangs in street fights during 1932. In the elections of November 1932 the Nazis won only 196 seats, compared to 230 in July 1932. This meant that both Papen and Hindenburg believed that the Nazis had passed their peak. They mistakenly underestimated Hitler too. They thought that Hitler could be easily controlled, and that if they gave him the job of Chancellor, they could make him do what they wanted.

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