Wall Street Crash (1929). The coalition governments

Complete the following fact table for Hindenburg

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2. Complete the following fact table for Hindenburg.

You may like to use: www.bbc.co.uk/historic_figures/hindenburg_paul_von.shtml

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In 1930 Hindenburg used article 48 5 times, in 1931 he used it 44 times, and in 1932 he used it 60 times! Over the same period the Reichstag met less regularly. In 1930 the Reichstag met 94 times, in 1931 it met 41 times, and in 1932 it met only 13 times! This meant that largely because of Hindenburg, democracy in Germany was not working effectively. Some historians maintain that Germany had in effect collapsed into dictatorship even before Hitler became Chancellor in 1933.

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