Wahoo War of the Minds 1997 Round Seventeen

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Wahoo War of the Minds 1997
Round Seventeen

1. This ruler relied on the aid of minister Ernst Johann Biron. Known as the Duchess of Courland before taking power, her court was largely filled with Prussian favorites, and events of her reign included the Russo-Turkish War and the War of the Polish

Succession. FTP, name this tsarina, daughter of Peter V, who ruled Russia from 1730 to 1740.
Answer: Anna Ivanovna
2. His first novel, Panic Spring, was published in 1935 under the pen name of Charles Norden, though his second, Pied Piper of Lovers, appeared under his own name in the same year. His first volume of poetry was published when he was only 19 years old,

and he turned back to verse in his later years in collections like The Ikons and The Vega. FTP, identify this British author, best known for novels set in the Eastern Mediterranean, such as ProsperoÕs Cell, Bitter Lemons, and the tetralogy of Justine, Ba

lthazar, Mountolive, and Clea, better known as the Alexandria quartet.
Answer: Lawrence Durrell
3. In the 1970s, neurochemists at Johns Hopkins University found what appeared to be specific receptors for the opiates morphine and heroin on neurons in the brain. Surprised that humans would have receptors keyed to plant chemicals, they carried out fu

rther research which showed that morphine bound to the receptors by mimicking these natural neuropeptides. Including the enkephalins, the beta variety found in the pituitary gland, and dynorphin, FTP, what are these natural painkillers which also depress

breathing and produce euphoria?
Answer: endorphins
4. In the Ad Uxorum, he argued against remarrying, and his numerous writings against heathens and heretics include Adversus Judaeos and De Carne Christii. Opposed to worldly things, he became a Montanist in 207, a transition marked by his De virginibus

Velandis. FTP, identify this father of the Church, a Carthaginian who is famed for proverbs like ÒThe unity of heretics is schismÓ and Òthe blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.Ó

Answer: Tertullian
5. A German colony until 1914, it achieved full independence in 1968, with rule by an 18 member unicameral legislature. Lying 4,000 miles northeast of Sydney, the economy of this island of roughly 9,000 inhabitants depends upon its dwindling phosphate m

ines. FTP, name this republic in the Pacific ocean, whose capital lies in the Yaren district.

Answer: Nauru
6. He hosts such segments as the Monday Ratings Report and Cooking With..., as well as singing the closing theme in his distinctive shriek. Andy Merrill, who also dresses in the Space Ghost costume, has made this character the real star of the Cartoon N

etwork's Cartoon Planet. FTP, name this 1960's rival of Space Ghost, who until recently was not animated to explode.

Answer: Brak

7. The priest John Ballard encouraged the plans of this man. A page to Sheffield's most famous prisoner, Queen Mary of Scotland, he devised a Catholic plot to assassinate Elizabeth and install Mary, allegedly with the explicit approval of the Scottish q

ueen. FTP, name this man, whose conspiracy was used as the justification for Mary's execution.
Answer: Anthony Babington
8. He refused a number of scientific appointments, preferring to work as an assistant apothecary, which forced him to work under poor conditions and contributed to his death at the age of 43. He manufactured a number of organic acids, recording the tast

e of pure hydrocyanic acid, and was the first to manufacture tungstenic, arsenic, and phosphoric acids. FTP, name this Swedish scientist, who made chlorine gas in 1774, showed that air is a mixture, and discovered oxygen independently of Priestley.

Answer: Carl Scheele
9. He was plowing his field when an eagle sat on his yoke and refused to leave. Confused by this, he went to Telmissus, where he met a girl who told him to sacrifice to Zeus; he did so, married the girl, and fathered Midas on her. FTP, name this man, w

ho arrived in Phrygia on a wagon, and who tied that wagon to its yoke in a knot that was cut by Alexander the Great.

Answer: Gordius
10. It contrasts the aristocracy with the noble working-class characters of Stephen Morley, a journalist, and his friend Walter Gerard. WalterÕs daughter, the title character, is a Catholic who wants to become a nun, but changes her mind and marries an

aristocrat. FTP, name this 1845 novel, subtitled ÒThe Two Nations,Ó depicting the Chartist movement and written by Benjamin Disraeli.

Answer: Sybil
11. A surveyor for the Ohio Company, he was commissioned a major in defense of Kentucky when the revolution broke out. After Patrick Henry endorsed his plan for conquering Illinois, he captured Kaskaskia and Vincennes, and his defenses of St. Louis and

Fort Nelson were key to American control of the Northwest after the war. FTP, identify this soldier, who refused to surrender his generalship in the French army, brother of a famous explorer.

Answer: George Rogers Clark
12. At the age of 19, he served as physicist on an around the world voyage, and his observations led to his explanation of the difference in salinity between the worldÕs oceans. He demonstrated that the resistance of metals increases with temperature, a

nd discovered the relation between heat production and the current flow in a wire independently of Joule. FTP, name this Russian scientist, whose law is a special case of the law of the conservation of energy which states that the current induced by an e

lectromagnetic force flows in the opposite direction of the force which induces it.
Answer: Heinrich Lenz

13. He met Hugh Brackenridge at Princeton and collaborated with him on The Rising Glory of America, which was read at their 1771 graduation. Going to the West Indies at the outbreak of war, he was captured by the British in 1780 and held prisoner on the

Scorpion in New York harbor, an experience which prompted him to write The British Prison Ship. FTP, name this author of the Robert Slender letters, a poet best known for ÒThe Indian Burying Ground.Ó
Answer: Philip Freneau
14. His written works include The Fifth String and Pipetown Sandy, though he is better known as a musician. Composer of numerous comic operas, such as The Bride Elect and Chris and the Wonderful Lamp, he also wrote 15 orchestral suites, many songs, and

The Chariot Race, a symphonic poem. FTP, identify this American, who organized a band in 1892, twelve years after taking over the U.S. marine corps band, best known for marches like The Washington Post and Stars and Stripes Forever.

Answer: John Philip Sousa
15. In this situation, each of two companies operate based on the competitive tendencies of the other. Using this information, they can settle at a higher price and lower quantity than perfect competition, but a lower price and higher quantity than a mo

nopoly. FTP, name this situation, named after an 19th century French economist.

Answer: Cournot Duopoly
16. It can't have spin 1, because that would imply a repulsive force between identical particles. It might have spin zero, but that would imply the absence of a tie with relativity. Thus the prevailing theory is that it must have spin 2. FTP, name thi

s theoretical particle of quantum gravity.

Answer: graviton
17. In his first novel, The Comedienne, he described turn of the century theater, while his next work, The Promised Land, was one of the first to deal with the problems of industrialization. During World War I, he wrote a massive historical trilogy depi

cting the 1794 partition of Poland and its aftermath. FTP, name this novelist, best known for The Peasants and as the winner of the Nobel Prize in 1924.

Answer: Wladyslaw Reymont
18. Commander of the army of occupation of Tunis from 1884 to 1885, this man was known as "the man on horseback" as that was his preferred mode of appearance. Ultimately discredited and convicted in absentia of treason, he committed suicide in Belgium i

n 1891. FTP, name this man, who in 1886 became minister of war and served as the focal point of aggrieved Royalists, Bonapartists, and nationalists seeking revenge on Germany, whose movement threatened to topple France's Third Republic.

Answer: Georges Boulanger
19. After a three year apprenticeship to Michael Wolgemut, he went to Colmar, and later went to Venice to study with Giovanni Bellini. The court painter to Emperor Maximillian, he died on a trip to see a dead whale in Zeeland. FTP, name this artist of

Christ Among the Doctors and Madonna of the Rose Gardens, best known for woodcuts like Adam and Eve, Melancholia, and Apocalypse.

Answer: Albrecht Durer
20. In the 1580s he became a chaplain at the French embassy in London under the name of Henry Fagot, and his espionage helped foil the Throckmorton plot. He was a member of the Dominican order for a while, but was forced to leave because of his radical

views on the infinite nature of space, supporting the Copernican system. FTP, name this Italian thinker, who was arrested by the Inquisition in 1592 and burned at the stake eight years later, an event which influenced Galileo to recant.

Answer: Giordano Bruno

1. Identify the following "R" initialed thinkers FTP each.

1. This American psychologist pioneered "client-centered" therapy and wrote on developing self-esteem in books like On Becoming A Person.

Answer: Carl Rogers

2. This author of The Function of the Orgasm was widely viewed as a crackpot for his belief in "orgone energy," deriving from cosmic particles that fell to earth, and which he claimed to capture in "orgone boxes."

Answer: Wilhelm Reich

3. This liberal philosopher is best known for 1971's A Theory of Justice.

Answer: John Rawls

2. FTP each, name these lakes.

1. The longest freshwater lake in the world, and the second deepest, its outlet is the Lukuga river. The Malagarasi, Ruzizi, and Kalambo rivers discharge into it.

Answer: Lake Tanganyika

2. Named after the city which lies at its western end, it is bordered by the cantons of Uri, Nidwalden, and Schwyz, and flanked by limestone mountains like Rigi and Pilatus.

Answer: Lake Lucerne

3. This great salt lake of central South Australia is named for the European who first sighted it in 1840. With a salt crust as much as 18 inches thick, its extremely level surface has been used in attempts to break world land-speed records.

Answer: Lake Eyre
3. Identify the following concerning the history of the American League Championship Series MVP, FTP each.

1. This pitcher won the award twice, in 1990 and 1993.

Answer: Dave Stewart

2. In 1982, this outfielder became the first member of the losing team to win the award.

Answer: Fred Lynn

3. This second baseman was the first winner of the award in 1980.

Answer: Frank White
4. Identify the following people and rebellions from Chinese history FTP each.

1. He seized the throne in AD 9, and ruled until AD 23 as the only ruler of China's Xin (SIN) dynasty before being killed by a band of peasant rebels called Red Eyebrows who rose against him.

Answer: Wang Mang

2. This secret society drew on the popularity of Taoist cults; its uprising of 184 to 204 against the Han emperor contributed to the dynasty's fall in 220.

Answer: Society of the Yellow Turbans

3. A Buddhist cult opposing Manchu domination of the Qing dynasty gave its name to this rebellion, which from 1796 to 1804 consisted of a guerrilla war fought in protest of high taxation and the poverty it caused.

Answer: White Lotus rebellion
5. Identify the following from Norse mythology, FTP each.

1. This wise man was made from the saliva the Aesir and the Vanir spat into a jar after agreeing to peace, and was killed by two dwarfs.

Answer: Kvasir

2. This mead of the gods was made from Kvasir's blood and honey. Whoever drank it became a poet.

Answer: Odrovir

3. Name either of the dwarfs who killed Kvasir.

Answer: Fjalar or Galar
6. Identify the metaphysical poets from works on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10 points: "The Sacrifice" and "The Collar"

5 points: "Easter Wings"

Answer: George Herbert

2. 10 points: "Twicknam Garden" and "Woman's Constancy"

5 points: "Death be not proud"

Answer: John Donne

3. 10 points: "The Flaming Heart" and "Musics Duel"

5 points: "Wishes to His Supposed Mistress"

Answer: Richard Crashaw

7. Identify the following from the world of science FTP each.

1. It is an equation for the variation of equilibrium constant with temperature, stating that the derivative of the natural log of the rate constant over time equals the change in enthalpy over the gas constant times the temperature squared.

Answer: van't Hoff's isochore

2. There are two of these: the lower one, from 1000 to 5000 kilometers, contains both electrons and protons, while the upper one contains mostly protons.

Answer: Van Allen belts

3. It is a spongy sheath of dead cell that surrounds the aerial roots of epiphytes, absorbing surface water.

Answer: velamen
8. Identify the following people and events that took place during the John Adams administration FTP each.

1. In 1797, the Senate expelled this Tennessee senator, impeached by the House of Representatives for conspiracy to instigate a war with Spain.

Answer: William Blount

2. In 1799, Adams pardoned this Pennsylvanian sentenced to death; he had been twice convicted of treason for having led a taxpayers' rebellion in protest of federal taxes levied in 1798 in anticipation of war with France.

Answer: John Fries

3. On June 5, 1799, the Federalist legislature of this state issued its own resolution rebutting the Virginia and Kentucky resolutions.

Answer: New Hampshire
9. Identify the following German philosophers FTP each.

1. This author of The Foundations of Arithmetic was the founder of modern logic, developing important formulations of generality and the truth-function.

Answer: Gottlob Frege

2. He believed that religion is a "dream of the human mind," and is best remembered for 1846's The Essence of Christianity.

Answer: Ludwig Feuerbach

3. His Critique of All Revelation was mistakenly attributed to Kant, though this idealist argued against the Kantian conception of transcendence.

Answer: Johann Fichte
10. Identify the following concerning a geologic period, for the stated number of points.

1. 10 points: This period of the Mesozoic era was named in 1829 for a mountain range on the border of France and Switzerland.

Answer: Jurassic

2. 5 points: This first kind of bird appeared during the Jurassic period.

Answer: Archaeopteryx

3. 15 points: These extinct aquatic mollusks, of class Cephalopoda, are used as index fossils for the Jurassic period. They consisted of a coiled shell divided into numerous layers.

Answer: ammonites
11. Identify the following members of the Bach family FTP each.

1. Known as "the English Bach," he served as music master to Queen Charlotte, and is best known for his 13 operas.

Answer: Johann Christian

2. Bach's eldest son, the first part of the Well-Tempered Clavier was written for him.

Answer: Wilhelm Friedemann

3. Best known for his work in the sonata form, he worked as a cembalist at the court of Frederick the Great for 29 years before succeeding Telemann as church music director at Hamburg.

Answer: Carl Philipp Emanuel
12. Identify the following regarding England's Henry VIII FTP


1. What was the three-word Latin title of the treatise for which Pope Leo X dubbed him Fideli Defensor?

Answer: Assertio septem sacramentorum

2. Give the popular name of the 1520 meeting place with King Francis I, in which Francis's entreaties for an English alliance with France were rejected.

Answer: Field of the Cloth of Gold

3. This was the 1536 to 1537 uprising in northern England in protest of Henry's abolition of papal authority and suppression of the monasteries.

Answer: Pilgrimage of Grace

13. FTP each, identify the number of elements in the following groups.

1. The symmetric group on three elements.

Answer: 6

2. The smallest non-cyclic group.

Answer: 4

3. The smallest non-solvable group.

Answer: 60
14. Identify the American authors for the stated number of points.

1. 5 points: This novelist of Appointment in Samarra and Butterfield 8 set most of his fiction in Gibbsville, Pennsylvania.

Answer: John O'Hara

2. 10 points: This member of the New York school of poets is best known for his Lunch Poems, which were written while he was on lunch breaks from his job at the Museum of Modern Art.

Answer: Frank O'Hara

3. 15 points: This screenwriter is best remembered for her novels about horses, notably My Friend Flicka.

Answer: Mary O'Hara
15. Identify the American artist, 30-20-10.

1. After a retirement from painting, he returned to art at the age of 74, and died twelve years later after carrying a heavy trunk for a mile while courting his fourth wife.

2. He founded a museum in 1786 which held exhibits like the first known American mastodon.

3. He had seventeen children, some of whom were Titian, Rubens, and Rembrandt.

Answer: Charles Wilson Peale
16. Name the Supreme Court cases FTP each.

1. This 1976 decision allowed states to reintroduce the death penalty.

Answer: Gregg v. Georgia

2. This 1989 court decision prevented the punishment of flag burners.

Answer: Texas v. Johnson

3. This 1962 case allowed citizens to challenge the unfair distribution of seats in state legislatures.

Answer: Baker v. Carr
17. Identify the authors from works on a 10-5 basis.

1. 10 points: The House of Pomegranates

5 points: Lady Windemere's Fan

Answer: Oscar Wilde

2. 10 points: A Fringe of Leaves

5 points: Voss

Answer: Patrick White

3. 10 points: The World of William Clissold

5 points: The Island of Doctor Moreau

Answer: Herbert George Wells

18. For the stated number of points, identify the following Presidents.

1. 5 points: He received the most votes ever for a Third Party candidate.

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt

2. 10 points: He was the first president born in the twentieth century.

Answer: John F. Kennedy

3. 15 points: The Department of the Interior was established during his administration, which saw the admission of Wisconsin and Iowa.

Answer: James Polk
19. Name the following Brazilian writers FTP each.

1. This prolific writer's novels include Gabriela and Dona Flor and Her 2 Husbands.

Answer: Jorge Amado

2. This Brazilian national poet wrote The Song of Exile in 1846.

Answer: Antonio Goncalves Dias

3. This novelist, considered Brazil's greatest, produced works such as Quincas Borba and Dom Casmurro.

Answer: Joachim Machado de Assis
20. Name the scientist, 30-20-10.

1. In 1933, he resigned from his post at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute as a protest against anti-Semitism, and was on his way to a position in Israel when he died the next year.

2. The son of a dye manufacturer, he was in charge of Germany's chemical warfare during World War I, developing gas masks and other defenses against gas warfare.

3. In 1908, he solved the problem of useing nitrogen from the air to create ammonia.

Answer: Fritz Haber
Directory: 386
386 -> Comemmoration of the bill for the abolition of the slave trade
386 -> Masaryk University Faculty of Arts Department of English and American Studies
386 -> Social Studies Journal: Key facts, terms, and concepts in the following class activities Constitutional Convention Debate
386 -> Title: a tale of Two Cities Author: Charles Dickens Date of Publication: 1859 Genre: Historical- fiction, Social Criticism
386 -> Antebellum America and the Civil War Essential Questions and Vocabulary
386 -> Principles of Marketing Study Guide Ch. 6 True/False
386 -> Early 1800s Tecumseh’s Confederation Lewis and Clark Expedition Hamilton – Burr Duel War with the Barbary Pirates The Building Washington D. C. Marbury v. Madison Supreme Court Case Aaron Burr Conspiracy Gibbons v. Ogden War of 1812
386 -> The Culture War: Is America Polarizing?
386 -> Interactiv e

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