VS. 7 Review Civil War Questions

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VS.7 Review Civil War - Questions

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1. What is agriculture?

2. What is industry?

3. What is an economy?

4. What is an abolitionist?

5. What is secession?

6. What were the North states like before the Civil War?

7. What were the South states like before the Civil War?

8. What did Harriet Tubman do?

9. What did Nat Turner do?

10. What did John Brown do?

VS.7 Review Civil War - Answers

1. Agriculture is working with farming, such as planting crops.

2. Industry is building or making goods and materials.

3. The economy is the way people make and spend their money.

4. An abolitionist is someone against slavery. Abolitionists wanted slavery to be abolished, which means to put an end to it.

5. Secession means leaving something. The South seceded from the Union.

6. The northern states were colder. The economy of the North was industrial with lots of factories.

7. The economy of the South was based on farming, which requires more labor in the form of slaves.

8. Harriet Tubman helped slaves escape on the Underground Railroad for 10 years.

9. Nat Turner led a revolt in 1831 killing white people.

10. John Brown was an abolitionist who captured arsenal at Harper’s Ferry.

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