Volume 1, No. 1, Spring 1974

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Journalism History Index and Abstracts

(Abstracts available only since vol. 27:1 (Spring 2001)

Volume 1, No. 1, Spring 1974
Carey, James W. “The Problem of Journalism History.” 3-5, 27.

Covert, Cathy. “Some Thoughts on Research.” 32-33.

Dennis, Everette E. (with Melvin L. Dennis). “100 Years of Political Cartooning.” 6-10.

Walrath, Ronald. “The Media Collection of the Minnesota State Historical Society.” 26-27.

Whitaker, W. Richard. “The Night Harding Died.” 16-19.

Wilson, Herschel (Pete). “How Far West is West? The Gazettes and the Alleghanies.” 24-25.

Yodelis, Mary Ann. “Courts, Counting Houses and Streets: Attempts at Press Control, 1763- 1775.” 11-15.
Volume 1, No. 2, Summer 1974
Anderson, Fenwick. “Hail to the Editor-in Chief: Harding vs. Cox, 1920.” 46-49.

Buchstein, Frederick D. “The Anarchist Press in American Journalism.” 43-45.

Jensen, Jay. “The New Journalism in Historical Perspective.” 37, 66.

King, C. Richard. “Carey Wentworth Styles: The Texas Years, 1881-1897.” 52-53, 55.

McClary, Maclyn H. “The Tribune and the California Gold.” 62.

Peterson, Gale E. “American Newspapers: Proposal for a National Project.” 56-60, 62.

Schwarzlose, Richard A. “A Plea from Amid the Letter Boxes.” 50-51.

Webb, Joseph M. “Historical Perspective on the New Journalism.” 38-42, 60.

Wright, Donald K. “Wyoming’s Archive of Contemporary History.” 61.
Volume 1, No. 3, Autumn 1974
Baldasty, Gerald J. “Flirting with Social Science: Methodology and Virginia Newspapers, 1785-

86.” 86-88.

Crotts, Gail. “‘A Spectacular Coup’: Television and the 1948 Conventions.” 90-93.

Mather, Anne. “A History of Feminist Periodicals, Part I.” 82-85.

Murray, Michael D. “Television’s Desperate Moment: A Conversation with Fred W. Friendly.”


Murray, Randall L. “Edwin Lawrence Godkin: Unbending Editor in Times of Change.” 68-71.

Pfaff, Daniel W. “The Press and Scottsboro Rape Cases, 1931-32.” 80-84.

Sullivan, Paul W. “G.D. Crain Jr. and the Founding of Advertising Age.” 94-95.
Volume 1, No. 4, Winter 1974
Beasley, Maurine. “Pens and Petticoats: Early Women Washington Correspondents.” 112-15.

Henry, Susan J. “Margaret Draper: Colonial Printer Who Challenged the Patriots.” 141-44.

Marzolf, Marion, Ramona Rush and Darlene Stern. “The Literature of Women in Journalism

History.” 117-28.

Mather, Anne. “A History of Feminist Periodicals, Part II.” 108-11.

Schneider, Norma. “Clementina Rind: ‘Editor, Daughter, Mother and Wife.’” 137-40.

Yodelis, Mary Ann. “An Editorial: On Ending the Footnote Syndrome.” 99.

Volume 2, No. 1, Spring 1975
Marzolf, Marion. “The Woman Journalist: Colonial Printer to City Desk, Part II.” 24-27, 32.

Mather, Anne. “A History of Feminist Periodicals, Part III.” 19-23, 31.

Smith, F. Leslie. “Selling of the Pentagon and the First Amendment.” 2-5, 14.

Steffens, Pete. “The Identity Struggle of Lincoln Steffens—Writer or Reporter?” 16-18, 32.

Wright, Donald K. “Hiram Brundage and Wyoming’s First Newspaper.” 15, 32.
Volume 2, No. 2, Summer 1975
Gilbert, David A. “Eric W. Allen: Journalism Educator and Historian.” 50-53.

Jowett, Garth S. “Toward a History of Communication.” 34-37.

Lent, John A. “English-Speaking Caribbean Media History: Bibliographic References and

Research Sources.” 58-60.

Marzolf, Marion. “Operationalizing Carey: An Approach to the Cultural History of Journalism.”


Morris, Richard B. “Europe, the Press and the Declaration of Independence.” 48-49, 63.

Schwarzlose, Richard A. “First Things First: A Proposal.” 38-39, 63.

Stevens, John D. “Journalism Manuscripts in the Michigan Historical Collections.” 57.

Weaver, David H. “Frank Luther Mott and the Future of Journalism History.” 44-47.

Yodelis, Mary Ann. “Genteel Rooms, Umbrilloes, and Velvet Corks: Advertising in the Boston

Press, 1763-1775.” 40-47.

Volume 2, No. 3, Autumn 1975
Adamson, June. “Nellie Kenyon and the Scopes ‘Monkey Trial.’” 88-89, 97.

Covert, Cathy. “A View of the Press in the Twenties.” 66-67, 92-96.

Howard, Herbert H. “Broadcast Station Group Ownership: A 20th Century Phenomenon.” 68-71,


Hudson, Robert V. “Will Irwin’s Crusade for the League of Nations.” 84-85, 97.

Jowett, Garth S. “Flappers, Fords and Films: The Movies in Twenties America.” 72-75, 87.

Stevens, George E. “Winning the Pulitzer Prize: The Indianapolis Times Battles Political

Corruption, 1926-27.” 80-83.

Wesolowski, James Walter. “Before Canon 35: WGN Broadcasts the Monkey Trial.” 76-79, 86-


Whitaker, W. Richard. “The Working Press and the Harding Myth.” 90-91.
Volume 2, No. 4, Winter 1975
Belman, Larry S. “Robert Ezra Park: An Intellectual Portrait of a Journalist and Communication

Scholar.” 122-24.

Bridges, Lamar W. “Eliza Jane Nicholson of the Picayune.” 110-15.

Giffard, C.A. “Ancient Rome’s Daily Gazette.” 106-109.

McKerns, Joseph P. “Ben Perley Poore’s Reminiscences: A Reliable Source for Research?” 125-

Volume 3, No. 1, Spring 1976

Baldasty, Gerald J. “Toward an Understanding of the First Amendment: Boston Newspapers,

1782-1791.” 25-30, 32.

Henry, Susan. “Colonial Woman Printer as Prototype Toward a Model for the Study of

Minorities.” 20-24.

Steirer, William F., Jr. “A Study in Prudence: Philadelphia’s ‘Revolutionary’ Journalists.” 2-6,


Yodelis, Mary Ann. “The Press in Wartime: Portable and Penurious.” 2-6, 10.
Volume 3, No. 2, Summer 1976
Brodie, Fawn. “Professor Brodie Replies.” 59-60.

Knudson, Jerry. “Jefferson the Father of Slave Children? One View of the Book Reviewers.” 56-


Lorenz, A.L. “‘Out of Sorts and Out of Cash’: Problems of Publishing in Wisconsin Territory,


McIntyre, Jerilyn. “Communication on a Western Frontier – Some Questions About Context.”

53-55, 63.
Volume 3, No. 3, Autumn 1976
Garrison, Bruce M. “William Hodding Carter Jr.: A Different Perspective of the Crusading

Editor.” 90-93, 96.

Garvey, Daniel E. “Secretary Hoover and the Quest for Broadcast Regulation.” 66-70, 85.

Hixson, Richard F. “Literature for Trying Times: Some Pamphlet Writers and the Revolution.”


Hudson, Robert V. “The English Roots of Benjamin Franklin’s Journalism.” 76-79.

Pfaff, Daniel W. “The Letters of H. L. Mencken and Fred Lew Patee, 1922-1948.” 80-84.

Smith, Robert W. “What Came After?: News Diffusion and Significance of the Boston

Massacre, 1770-1775.” 71-75, 85.

Stevens, John D. “Museum of Cartoon Art Offers Possibilities for Research.” 89.

Whitfield, Stephen J. “Dwight Macdonald’s Politics Magazine.” 86-88, 96.
Volume 3, No. 4, Winter 1976
Beasley, Maurine. “The Curious Career of Anne Royall.” 98-102.

Bennion, Sherilyn C. “Fremont Older: Advocate for Women.” 124-127.

Elwood, Virgina, compiler. “A Preliminary Bibliography: Images of Women in the Media, 1971-

76.” 121-23.

Marzolf, Marion, compiler. “The Literature of Women in Journalism History: A Supplement.”


Masel-Walters, Lynne. “A Burning Cloud by Day: The History and Content of the Woman’s

Journal.” 103-10.

McKerns, Joseph P. “Industry Skeptics and Radio Regulation in the 1920s.” 128-31.

Williamson, Mary E. “Judith Cary Waller: Chicago Broadcasting Pioneer.” 111-15.

Volume 4, No. 1, Spring 1977
Nischan, Bodo. “Propaganda in An Age of Ideological Division: The Case of Saxony in the

Thirty Years War.” 23-29.

Nord, David Paul. “First Steps Toward A Theory of Press Control.” 23-29.

Ohrn, Karin Becker. “What You See Is What You Get: Dorothea Lange and Ansel Adams in

Manzanar.” 14-22.
Volume 4, No. 2, Summer 1977
Chacon, Ramon D. “The Chicano Immigrant Press in Los Angeles: The Case of ‘El Heraldo de

Mexico’ 1916-1920.” 48-50, 62-64.

Chavira, Ricardo. “A Case Study: Reporting of Mexican Emigration and Deportation.” 48-50,


Flores, Ricardo (with Jorge Reina Schement). “The Origins of Spanish-Language Radio: The

Case of San Antonio, Texas.” 56-58.

Gonzales, Juan. “Forgotten Pages: Spanish-Language Newspapers in the Southwest.” 50-51.

Griswold-Del Castillo, Richard. “The Mexican Revolution and the Spanish-Language Press in

the Borderlands.” 42-47.

Gutierrez, Felix (with Jorge Reina Schement), compiler. “Chicanos and the Media: A

Bibliography of Selected Materials.” 52-55.

Gutierrez, Felix. “Spanish-Language Media in American: Background, Resources, History.” 34-


Schement, Jorge Reina (with Felix Gutierrez), compiler. “Chicanos and the Media: A

Bibliography of Selected Materials.” 52-55.

Schement, Jorge Reina (with Ricardo Flores). “The Origins of Spanish Language Radio: The

Case of San Antonio, Texas.” 56-58.
Volume 4, No. 3, Autumn 1977
Godfrey, Donald G. “The 1927 Radio Act: People and Politics.” 74-78.

Hynes, Terry. “Media Manipulation and Political Campaigns: Bruce Barton and the Presidential

Elections of the Jazz Age.” 93-98.

Kaminski, Thomas H. “Congress, Correspondents and Confidentiality in the 19th Century: A

Preliminary Study.” 70-72.

McKerns, Joseph P. “The Limits of Progressive Journalism History.” 88-92.

Murphy, Sharon. “Neglected Pioneers: 19th Century Native American Newspapers.” 68-71.
Volume 4, No. 4, Winter 1977
Barrow, Lionel C., Jr. “‘Our Own Cause’: Freedom’s Journal and the Beginnings of the Black

Press.” 118-22.

Krieling, Albert. “The Rise of the Black Press in Chicago.” 132-36.

LaBrie, Henry G. “Black Newspapers: The Roots Are 150 Years Deep.” 132-36.

Nordin, Kenneth D. “In Search of Black Unity: An Interpretation of the Content and Function of

Freedom’s Journal.” 123-28.

O’Kelly, Charlotte G. “The Black Press: Conservative or Radical Reformist or Revolutionary?”


Perry, Clay. “John P. Mitchell, Virginia’s Journalist of Reform.” 142-47.

Pride, Armistead S. “The Black Press to 1968: A Bibliography.” 148-153.

Strother, T. Ella. “The Black Image in the Chicago Defender, 1905-1975.” 137-41.

Volume 5, No. 1, Spring 1978
Bradshaw, James Stanford. “The Detroit Free Press in England.” 4-7.

Endres, Fred. F. “Philosophies, Practices and Problems in Teaching Journalism History.” 1-3.

Marzolf, Marion. “American Studies—Ideas for Media Historians?” 13-16.

Phillips, Gordon. “The Archives of the Times of London.” 26.

Steffens, Pete. “Franklin’s Early Attack on Racism” An Essay Against a Massacre of Indians.”

8-12, 31.

Ward, Jean. “Interdisciplinary Research and Journalism Historians.” 17-19.
Volume 5, No. 2, Summer 1978
Blanchard, Margaret A. “Press Criticism and National Reform Movements: The Progressive Era

and the New Deal.” 33-37, 54-55.

Christians, Clifford G. (with Quentin J. Schultze and Norman H. Sims). “Community,

Epistemology and Mass Media Ethics.” 38-41, 65-67.

Fortner, Robert S. “The Self-Conscious Image and the Myth of an Ethical Press.” 46-49.

McKerns, Joseph P. “Media Ethics: A Bibliographical Essay.” 50-53, 68.

Schultze, Quentin J. (with Clifford G. Christians and Norman H. Sims). “Community,

Epistemology and Mass Media Ethics.” 38-41, 65-67.

Sims, Norman H. (With Clifford G. Christians and Quentin J. Schultze). “Community,

Epistemology and Mass Media Ethics.” 38-41, 65-67.

Volume 5, No. 3, Autumn 1978
Bytwerk, Randall L. “Julius Streicher and the Early History of Der Sturmer, 1923-1933.” 74-79.

Francke, Warren. “An Argument in Defense of Sensationalism: Probing the Popular and

Historiographical Concept.” 70-73.

List, Karen. “William Cobbett in Philadelphia, 1794-1799.” 80-83, 104.

Smith, Donald L. “Zecharia Chafee Jr. and the Positive View of Press Freedom.” 86-92.

Stevens, John D. ed. “‘Schools Need to Keep Balance’: Excerpts from Bush, Nafziger Tapes.”

Volume 5, No. 4, Winter 1978
Britton, John A. “In Defense of Revolution: American Journalists in Mexico, 1920-1929.” 124-


Casey Jr., William E. “The Press and the 1952 New Hampshire Primary: A Perception of

Significance.” 114-19.

Schwarzlose, Richard A. “A Conversation with Frederick S. Siebert.” 106-109, 123.

Winfield, Betty Houchin. “F.D.R.’s Pictorial Image, Rules and Boundaries.” 110-13.

Volume 6, No. 1, Spring 1979

Allen, Christopher (with Everette E. Dennis). “Puck, the Comic Weekly.” 2-7, 13.

Brunn, Stanley D. (with Karl B. Raitz). “Geographic Patterns in the Historical Development of

Farm Publications.” 14-15, 32.

O’Rourke, James. S. “The San Francisco Chronicle and the Air Mail Emergency of 1934.” 8-13.

Raitz, Karl B. (with Stanley D. Brunn). “Geographic Patterns in the Historical Development of

Farm Publications.” 14-15, 32.

Zynda, Thomas H. “The Hollywood Version: Movie Portrayals of the Press.” 16-25, 32.

Volume 6, No. 2, Summer 1979
Lacourse, Richard. “An Indian Perspective—Native American Journalism: An Overview.” 34-


Luebke, Barbara P. “Elias Boudinot, Indian Editor: Editorial Columns from the Cherokee

Phoenix.” 48-51.

McIntyre, Jerilyn S. “The Hutchins Commission’s Search for a Moral Framework.” 54-57, 63.

Murphy, Sharon. “American Indians and the Media: Neglect and Stereotype.” 39-43.

Riley, Sam G. “A Note of Caution—The Indian’s Own Prejudice, as Mirrored in the First Native

American Newspaper.” 44-47.
Volume 6, No. 3, Autumn 1979
Ballesteros, Ernesto (with Felix Gutierrez). “The 1541 Earthquake: Dawn of Latin American

Journalism.” 78-83.

Gutierrez, Felix (with Ernesto Ballesteros). “The 1541 Earthquake: Dawn of Latin American

Journalism.” 78-83.

Hester, Al. “Newspapers and Newspaper Prototypes in Spanish America, 1541-1750.” 73-77, 88.

Kahan, Robert S. “Historians: Our Critics, Craft and Mental Health.” 70-72.

Vivian, John H. “Through with Thru at the Chicago Tribune: The McCormick Spelling

Experiment.” 84-87, 96.

Volume 6, No. 4, Winter 1979
Bradshaw, James Stanford. “George W. Wisner and the New York Sun.” 112, 117-20.

Henry, Susan. “Private Lives: An Added Dimension for Understanding Journalism History.” 90-


McGlashan, Zena Beth. “The Professor and the Prophet: John Dewey and Franklin Ford.” 107-

111, 123.

Sloan, Wm. David. “George Wisner: Michigan Editor and Politician.” 113-16.

Taylor, Sally. “Marx and Greeley on Slavery and Labor.” 103-106, 122.
Volume 7, No. 1, Spring 1980
Beasley, Maurine (with Richard R. Harlow). “Oral History: Additional Tool for Journalism

Historians.” 38-39.

Harlow, Richard R. (with Maurine Beasley). “Oral History: Additional Tool for Journalism

Historians.” 38-39.

Tenney, Craig D. “The1943 Debate on Opinionated Broadcast News.” 11-15.

Wilson, C. Edward. “The Boston Inoculation Controversy: A Revolutionist Interpretation.” 16-

19, 40.
Volume 7, No. 2, Summer 1980
Bennion, Sherilyn Cox. “A Working List of Women Editors of the 19th-Century West.” 60-65.

Cloud, Barbara L. “A Party Press? Not Just Yet! Political Publishing on the Frontier.” 54-55, 72-


Dicken Garcia, Hazel. “Letters Tell the News (Not ‘Fit to Print’?) About The Kentucky

Frontier.” 49-53.

Dyer, Carolyn Stewart. “Economic Dependence and Concentration of Ownership Among

Antebellum Wisconsin Newspapers.” 42-46.

McKerns, Joseph P. “Television Docudramas: The Image as History.” 24-25, 40.

Volume 7, Nos. 3 & 4, Autumn-Winter 1980
Baldasty, Gerald J. “The Boston Press and Politics in Jacksonian America.” 104-108.

Beasley, Maurine. Lorena A. Hickok: Woman Journalist.” 92-95, 113.

Bertrand, Claude-Jean (with Everette E. Dennis). “Seldes at 90: They Don’t Give Pulitzers for

that Kind of Criticism.” 81-86, 119.

Bethune, Beverly M. “A Case of Overkill: The FBI and the New York City Photo League.” 87

91, 108.

Dennis, Everette E. (with Claude-Jean Bertrand). “Seldes at 90: They Don’t Give Pulitzers for

that Kind of Criticism.” 81-86, 119.

Hynes, Terry. “A Conversation with Leonard Levy.” 96-103.

Stevens, John D. “The Black Press looks at 1920’s Journalism.” 109-113.

Volume 8, No. 1, Spring 1981
Beasley, Maurine. “A Conversation with Sidney Kobre.” 18-24.

Covert, Catherine L. “Journalism History and Women’s Experience: A Problem in Conceptual

Change.” 2-6.

Garrison, Bruce L. “Robert Walsh’s American Review: America’s First Quarterly.” 14-17.

McGlashan, Zena Beth. “Club Ladies’ and Working ‘Girls’: Rita Childe Dorr and the New York

Evening Post.” 7-13.
Volume 8, No. 2, Summer 1981
Farrar, Ronald. “Harry Truman and the Press: A View from Inside.” 56-62, 70.

Farrar, Ronald. “Planted Questions and the President.” 60.

Shaw, Donald Lewis. “At The Crossroads: Change and Continuity in American Press News

1820-1860.” 38-50.

Shaw, Donald Lewis. “Some Notes on Methodology: Change and Continuity in American Press

News 1820-1860.” 51-53, 76.

Winfield, Betty H. “Mrs. Roosevelt’s Press Conference Association: The First Lady Shines a

Light.” 63-70.

Volume 8, Nos. 3 & 4, Autumn-Winter 1981
Burd, Gene. “The Ghost Town Newspaper: An ‘Autopsy’ Approach to the Frontier Press.” 99-


Dicken Garcia, Hazel. “Drawing on Other Disciplines: Form versus Substance.” 96-98.

Gray, Richard. “The Uses of Journalism History.” 84-85.

Halverson, Roy. “Journalism History: The Heart of the Curriculum.” 86-87.

Javusch, David (with Jerilyn S. McIntyre). “Teaching Communication History in a Combined

Speech/Journalism Curriculum.” 88-90.

La Brie, Henry G. “History in the Journalism Curriculum.” 78-79, 111.

McIntyre, Jerilyn (with David Javusch). “Teaching Communication History in a Combined

Speech/Journalism Curriculum.” 88-90.

Scwarzlose, Richard. “The Grand Tour: On the Road to Passable Pedagogy.” 82-83.

Smith, Jeffrey A. “Further Steps Toward a Theory of Press Control.” 93-95.

Taft, William H. “The Summing Up… After 35 Years.” 91-92.
Volume 9, No. 1, Spring 1982
Carpenter, Reed L. “John L. Morrison and the Origins of the Minnesota Gag Law.” 16-17, 25-


Mander, Mary S. “Pen and Sword: Problems of Reporting the Spanish-American War.” 2-9, 28.

Sloan, Wm. David. “The Early Party Press: The Newspaper Role in American Politics, 1788-

1812.” 18-24.
Volume 9, No. 2, Summer 1982
Kessler, Lauren. “Against the American Grain: The Lonely Voice of Politics Magazine, 1944-

1949.” 49-52, 60.

Kielbowicz, Richard B. “Newsgathering by Printers’ Exchanges Before the Telegraph.” 42-48.

Kocher, Douglas J. “Temporary Vilification: The Chicago Press and Chester Arthur, 1881.” 53-

55, 60.
Volume 9, Nos. 3&4, Autumn-Winter 1982
Beasley, Maurine. “The Muckrakers and Lynching: A Case Study in Racism.” 86-91.

O’Rourke, James Schofield IV. “The Development of Color Television: A Study in the Freemarket Process.” 106-107.

Roff, Sandra Shoiock. “A Feminine Expression: Ladies’ Periodicals in the New York Historical

Society Collection.” 92-99.

Volume 10, Nos. 1&2, Spring-Summer 1983
Atwood, Roy Alden. “Handwritten Newspapers on the Iowa Frontier, 1844-1917.” 18-23.

Atwood, Roy Alden. “The Rural Press and the Electronic Mythos: Images and Interlocking

Interests in Southeastern Iowa: 1900-1907.” 18-24.

Bradshaw, James Stanford. “The Journalist as Pariah: Three Muckraking Newspaper Novels by

Samuel Hopkins Adams.” 10-13.

Roberts, Nancy L. “Journalism for Justice: Dorothy Da and the Catholic Worker.” 2-9.

Parmenter, William. “The Jungle and its Effects.” 14-17, 33-34.
Volume 10, Nos. 3&4, Autumn-Winter 1983
Baldasty, Gerald J. “The Washington, D.C., Political Press in the Age of Jackson.” 68-71.

Emery, Michael. “The Writing of American Journalism History.” 38-43.

Volume 11, Nos. 1&2, Spring-Summer 1984
Coll, Gary. “Noah Webster, Magazine Editor and Publisher.” 26-31.

Emery, Michael. “A Conversation with Robert W. Desmond.” 11-17.

Henry, Susan. “Reporting ‘Deeply and at First Hand’: Helen Campbell in the 19th-Century

Slums.” 18-25.

Masel-Walters, Lynne. “For the ‘Poor Mute Mothers’? Margaret Sanger and The Woman Rebel.”

10, 37.
Volume 11, Nos. 3&4, Autumn-Winter 1984

Beasley, Maurine (with Paul Belgrade). “Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady as Radio Pioneer.” 42-


Belgrade, Paul (with Maurine Beasley). “Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady as Radio Pioneer.” 42-


Endres, Fredric F. “Frontier Obituaries as Cultural Reflectors: Toward ‘Operationalizing’ Cary’s

Thesis.” 54-60.

Stock, Raymond. “The Works of Vincent Sheean: The Dust of an Honest Man.” 46-50.

Weisenborn, Ray E. “Chet Huntley Revisited: A ‘Lost’ Candid Interview.” 51-53.

Volume 12, No. 1, Spring 1985
Bradley, Patricia. “Slavery in Colonial Newspapers: The Somerset Case.” 2-7.

Gray, Susanne (with Linda Steiner). “Genevieve Forbes Herrick: A Front Page Reporter ‘Pleased

to Write Women.’” 8-16.

Steiner, Linda (with Susanne Gray). “Genevieve Forbes Herrick: A Front Page Reporter ‘Pleased

to Write Women.’” 8-16.

Olasky, Marvin. “‘Bringing order out of Chaos’: Edward Bernays and the Salvation of Society

Through Public Relations.’” 17-21.

Volume 12, No. 2, Summer 1985
Carey, James W. “Excerpts from ‘The Problem of Journalism History.’” 51-53.

Cottrell, Robert. “I.F. Stone: A Maverick Journalist’s Battle with the Superpowers.” 62-67.

McGlashan, Zena Beth. “Women Witness the Russian Revolution: Analyzing Ways of Seeing.”


Reilly, Tom. “‘Putting the World at Peril’: A Coversation with James W. Carey.” 38-50.
Volume 12, Nos. 3&4, Autumn-Winter 1985
Francke, Warren T. “Sensationalism and the Development of 19th Century Reporting: The

Broom Sweeps Sensory Details.” 80-85.

Olasky, Marvin. “Late 19th Century Texas Sensationalism: Hypocrisy of Biblical Morality?” 96-


Shaw, Donald Lewis (with John W. Slater). “In the Eye of the Beholder? Sensationalism in

American Press News, 1820-1860.”

Stephens, Mitchell. “Sensationalism and Moralizing in the 16th- and 17th-Century Newsbooks

and News Ballads.” 92-95.

Stevens, John D. “Sensationalism in Perspective.” 78-79.
Volume 13, No. 1, Spring 1986
Beasley, Maurine. “Women in Journalism Education: The Formative Period, 1908-1930.” 10-18.

Connery, Thomas B. “Hutchins Hapgood and the Search for a New Form of Literature.” 2-9.

Smith, C. Zoe. “Black Star Picture Agency: Life’s European Connection.” 19-25.

Washburn, Patrick S. “J. Edgar Hoover and the Black Press in World War II.” 26-33.

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