Volcanoes I. Where volcanoes happen A. Mid Ocean Ridges

IV. Internal/Intrusive volcanic landforms

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IV. Internal/Intrusive volcanic landforms

Internal or intrusive volcanic landforms are things we can identify inside the earth's crust that are formed because of volcanic activity. They can be seen today because the rock above has been worn away.


1. Batholith- a large area or mass of magma found in the earths crust which cooled slowly over millions of years and formed igneous rock e.g. granite. Examples in Ireland are The Wicklow Mts and The Mourne Mts. (The rock that once covered these masses of magma has been worn away).

2.Sills- magma forces its way between two rock layers and solidifies. (Like a window sill).

3. Dykes- magma slices across rock layers and forms a wall of granite or basalt. These are often found in volcanoes and support the volcanic mountain.

4. Laccolith- Magma forces its way between rock layers are forces the rock above to move up creating a dome shape.

5. Lopolith- Magma forces its way through the layers in the rock but this time pushed the rock below it downwards to form a bowl shape.

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