Volcanoes I. Where volcanoes happen A. Mid Ocean Ridges

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I. Where volcanoes happen

A. Mid Ocean Ridges

At constructive plate boundaries where plates separate and magma comes up forming a volcano and a mid-ocean ridge.
B. Subduction Zones

At destructive plate boundaries where there is a subduction zone and the plate that was pulled into the mantle has melted and burst out of the crust above. These are explosive volcanoes

C. Hotspots

This is where a fountain of magma is found in the centre of a plate and it can flow out of a weak spot in the crust. This is how the Hawaiian islands were formed.

II. Products of a volcano

A. Lava

1. Basic

-a runny type of lava with a silica content of less than 55%

-found at constructive plate boundaries and hotspots

-Flows like a fountain from the mantle to form shield volcanoes (wide base and gently sloping sides).

-example of a lava plateau in Ireland formed from basic lava is The Giant's Causeway.

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