Voices from the Titanic: Discovering History Through a Poet’s Eyes

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Displacement: When an object pushes water aside (like when you get in the bathtub).

Archimedes’ Principle: An object will float if it displaces a volume of water whose weight is the same (or more than) its own. An object will sink if it weighs more than the volume of water it displaces. (Titanic’s displacement was 66,000 tons of water.)

Buoyancy: The upward force exerted by a liquid on an immersed or floating object. The larger the surface area of the object, the greater the area for the water to push back on.

Activity Description

You will be given six rectangular sheets of aluminum foil. Your task is to design a boat (from a single sheet of foil) that will stay afloat while holding as many marbles as possible. Experiment with different hull shapes and styles.
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