Voices from the Titanic: Discovering History Through a Poet’s Eyes

Exploring Titanic Through a Poet’s Eyes

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Exploring Titanic Through a Poet’s Eyes
How it works:

[CCR Anchor Standards are included though they will vary slightly depending on the Team’s specific topic.]

You will be a member of a “Team.” Teams are formed around some unifying topic: The Shipbuilder; The Socialite; The Iceberg; The Undertaker. Each team will be given a variety of sources that might include: Informational Text; Literary text; A/V (audio, video, photo); primary documents; and hands-on activities. It is the job of each team to: compare the variety of texts, synthesize the facts; make connections and observations; draw conclusions; generate questions; and finally summarize its findings to other teams.
Informational Text: (From some other source.) [CCR.RI.1, 2,7, and 9].

Literary Text: (From The Watch That Ends the Night: Voices from the Titanic.) [CCR.RL.1-3; CCR.RL.4-6; CCR.RL.7 and 9]
Audio/Visual: From YouTube, audio books, photos, documents, physical props, etc [CCR.SL.2 and 3]
Activity: A hands-on relevant activity. [CCR.SL.1-3; Reading and Writing will vary depending on the activity.]
Compare, Connect, Synthesize, Comment, Question: This is where the team makes sense of the experience as a whole. What are the similar themes? What are the differences? What new ideas, if any, have been born? What questions still linger? [CCR.SL. 1-3; CCR.RL.7-9; CCR.RI.7-9]
Gather Words for the Titanic Word Wall

All teams should create a list of specialized vocabulary, relevant terminology and useful phrases (specific to their Topic). [CCR.SL.5-6; CCR.W.4-5]

Share Your Discoveries with the Class [CCR.SL.4-6; CCR.W.7-9]

The Shipbuilder
Informational Text: (Encyclopedia Britannica)
Literary Text from WATCH: Thomas Andrews, The Shipbuilder, page 57; The Iceberg, page 14.
Documents: Titanic Blue Prints.
Audio/Visual: Photos; Spoken Word--Disc 1, track 14, 1:22
Activity: Explore buoyancy and displacement by designing a ship’s Hull.

Activity Terms

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