Voices from the Titanic: Discovering History Through a Poet’s Eyes

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Web Tools to Explore
Here are a few cool web tools that will get you thinking about your project! Remember: Learn something NEW! There’s so much more to presenting than just Prezi’s and PowerPoints! (Thanks to Jennifer Flanagan, at Haynes Magnet School in Winston-Salem, NC.)
www.yola.com – easy to use website templates!

www.xtranormal.com – create your own cartoon! You can create your first one for free – after that, it costs a little. Doesn’t work well as an individual project; it’s best to embed xtranormal videos into a bigger project (wallwisher, wix, etc.).

www.ahead.com - Similar to Prezi! Allows you to add high-definition videos, photos, and other effects.

www.art.com - An art pad that might be helpful to you as you design your project.

www.bitstrips.com - A comic generator that can help your engage your audience as you present the content of your project.

www.capzles.com - A multimedia timeline! Add photos, videos, etc. as you take us through the Titanic’s journey.

www.wallwisher.com - A “bulletin board” that allows you to add videos, links, photos, text - you name it!

www.weebly.com - a cool site FULL of website templates. Similar to www.wix.com.

Flipbook ( www.benettonplay.com/toys/flipbookdeluxe/guest.php ) - Generate a multimedia flipbook!

www.voicethread.com - Cool site that allows you to use your voice to enhance presentations.

www.wikispaces.com - Wikis are kind of like an interactive Word document - worth a look!

www.museumbox.com - Create a “museum box” of videos, photos, articles, etc.!

www.glogster.com - Very cool interactive multimedia tool!

www.wix.com - Website templates that allow you to plug in your own information (videos, pictures, links, etc.).

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